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You Need Support.

There are times in your life when you know you need support to get to the next level. You feel an urgency to shift your life and be the person you were brought to this planet to be. Underneath the old pain and patterns awaits your fullest expression. You are here to do big things. Stop holding yourself back.

I am ready to hold space for you to blossom. Are you ready?

Who I Work With

I work with people across a wide spectrum. From those more new to the spiritual path but noticing their sensitivity and empathy is troubling them, to those who have been on this path for many years but want the next level of mastery and expression.

I work with top coaches and healers so they can manage their energy and the demand of their client loads. I train them with tools they can use for themselves and translate to working with others. I help those new to bringing their work to the world begin to offer services that support them, and established practitioners bring their practice into full alignment with their vision.

I support entrepreneurs, speakers, writers and other leaders to develop the energetic and spiritual mastery required to do big things aligned with integrity, wisdom and higher vision.

My people are the magic people. Some don’t know they are magic, some are embracing it fully and some have a deep fear of what that means.

What You Can Expect

  • Find the messages of the Universe and your own soul.
  • Heal old wounds, trauma and beliefs so that you can be your biggest and brightest and have better relationships with yourself and others.
  • Find your authentic power, voice and truth.
  • Reconnect with your intrinsic magic, feel your primal nature and listen to the calling of your soul.
  • Welcome big changes and transformation with ease.
  • Become the guide for all of the above and more.
  • Be seen, understood and all of you held.
  • Learn the practices that open, realign, connect and activate.
  • Activate and master your inner guidance.
  • Increase your perception, intuition and higher awareness.
  • Master being an empath and stop being taken out by others energy.
  • Expansion of consciousness.
  • Heal yourself and others.
  • Build a more powerful personal practice.
  • Open and regulate your channel.
  • Develop energetic mastery.
  • Step into a new level of leadership.

My Process

Every session is unique. But I have a massive toolbox of supportive practices and modalities to meet you exactly where you are now, to guide you to where you are going.

I Help You Understand Yourself and Your Path Forward

Sometimes what we need is someone to see us, to really see us.

I will guide you through personal reflection and inquiry while I assess your system so that we find out what you most need to thrive and grow. We will look at your life from many angles and determine together our focus of work. This is a holistic way of engaging in life and you will develop a greater sense of your own needs and driving forces.


You need someone to talk to and guide you through this process.  Waking up can bring questions and challenges.  I’m here to talk you through your emotions, experiences and offer real, on the ground support of your situation.

We will discuss your life, your business and bring everything into alignment with the vision that you have for yourself.

This powerful coaching is informed by Spirit and my open channel and will take you deep into yourself to help you discover what will bring you the most joy, presence and peace.

Shamanic and Energy Work

We work on opening, clearing and re-inhabiting your body and energy system.  If we are in person, there will be hands-on body/ energy work.  If we are online, you are led in powerful experiences to connect you more deeply with yourself and your healing while I work with you energetically.

We might do soul retrieval, past life work, inner child work, integrating the masculine and feminine, energetic upgrades, sessions to help open your channel and connect with your higher self and guides.

I focus on your empowerment toward being fully self-sustaining and help you find processes that you can utilize for yourself in the future when things come up.

I Teach You Practices You Can Use on Your Own

Using movement, breath, sound, meditations and other physical and energetic practices you are fully empowered to heal, awaken and evolve.  Personalized strategies to help you build and maintain a personal practice are built into my system. I use a focus on Chinese Energetic Medicine and Daoist Internal Alchemy practices, as well as other practices to give you trusted, safe and profound ways to cultivate peace, stability and power. 

These can be then utilized with your clients so that you start to see them advance more quickly than ever before. I have many practices that I share via video or through written documents that I share with you. If I don’t know something, I find out. I am always expanding my


Kat's healing circle was so much more beautiful, body, heart, and soul-opening than anything I could have imagined. I feel like any hesitation I previously had to tap into my sacred sexual feminine energy has faded away and I am now able to connect and create powerfully from this place.
Elizabeth DiAlto
Creator of Wild Soul Movement
Kat works on a different level than any other therapy I've ever experienced. Two individual sessions uncovered and healed things two years of psychotherapy couldn't touch. Worth every precious moment and any amount of money to heal lifetimes of pain.
George Winborn
Writer, Designer and Facilitator
Kat is magic. Not magic like the way people throw the term around to describe a night out or a really good meal, but legitimate what-the-actual-fuck-just-happened magic. Magic that will live in my body for the rest of my life.
Michael Hrostoski
Men's Coach

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I have traveled a path.

At one time, I was completely shut off to Spirit, in a lot of physical and emotional pain and not able to comprehend following my truth.  I was lost.  I made a commitment to heal myself and find out who I was.

I experienced a massive spiritual awakening that forced me into practice, presence, meditation, movement, gathering knowledge, healing trauma and pain and listening to the messages. I struggled within my awakening for many years.  I struggled with my open channel. I also struggled in how to make a living from my innate talents and greatest joys. For that I am grateful.  Because it made me seek teachers, guides and practices.