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My Spiritual Awakening. From anxiety, depression and lack of purpose, through getting off of anti-depressants and onto the path of energy healer, spiritual guide, Shaman and coach for those awakening and finding their gifts of leader and healer.

I teach spiritual and energetic practices and help people heal themselves from trauma, shame and past life issues. I guide those that desire to live a fully integrated, spiritual life and express that in their work.

Other's Podcasts:

In this episode we talk about Shamanic principles, how they’re relevant for modern people, as well as Katherine’s dynamic new program that supports empaths.

Katherine’s interview on The Ecstatic Existence podcast. Discussion: The awakening process, the stages, where you are and what you need to do and what the risks are at each stage. Katherine explains how we go through a cycle of Awaken, Heal and Evolve and how to get the most out of your development.

Adulting With Ebonie.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The importance of being present, even when it’s not comfortable

  • Everyone has healing to do – it’s an important and beautiful part of the journey to awakening.

  • When you experience the world in a way that you think is ‘different’, it’s not unusual to question yourself and think – “Am I making this up?” when in reality, you are channeling something true, and are open and connected to the world.

  • How channeling without awareness, understanding or experience can manifest in physical symptoms.

Plus, we talk about how the things that we can channel aren’t always ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but represent the full spectrum of energy and as a result, why it’s so important to establish boundaries when it comes to what you are open, present and willing to engage with.

How to honour and grow our gift of sensitivity with Katherine Bird.  In this week’s show, we explored the gift of sensitivity – what it is and why we humans have it and then how we can honour and grow this gift. This episode isn’t just for people who know they’re a healers, psychic or empath – I really think it’s for all of us. 

The Primal Happiness Podcast: Feat. Katherine Bird

Katherine joins John Biethan on The Alternative Health Tools Podcast to share how we awaken our own inner healer to change ourselves and the world.