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Somatic, Energetic, Spiritual Practices, Education and Support
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Your work is taking people to their next levels in all areas of life.

What I know from working with thousands of people is that building a strong personal practice, clearing old, stuck energy, regulating the nervous system, and cultivating inner radiance and embodied presence are important for people as they heal and go through change. 

But, most people don’t have a strong personal practice. 

They don’t understand how trauma can be released through movement, breath, and sound.

They don’t have the daily tools to address reactivity, overwhelm, and frustration.

They aren’t sourcing themselves, building energetic resiliency to enforce strong boundaries or discharging energies and emotions that become overwhelming.

And isn’t it frustrating when your client comes back to the next session, maybe having done some action points on a project but not having done any energetic work or work to tune into themselves at a deeper level and they expect you to do that work for them?

Can’t you see them advancing much faster but you don’t have the time or inclination to go into these parts of transformation and growth?

You can stay in your zones of genius by getting support from my zones of genius.

Offer great value and see your clients make huge strides and get the transformational experiences they seek.

I Help People To:

  • Learn how to clear stagnant energy from their bodies regularly
  • Work with their emotions in healthier, energy-focused ways
  • Make deeper connections with the Earth and nature to support them into more healing environments, habits and strategies
  • Get a firm grasp of Chinese Energetic Medicine and how to work with the elements, seasons, and cycles to support transitions and creation
  • Learn about how trauma affects the body and brain and learn tools to release it
  • Learn how to regulate their nervous system with breath work and movement
  • Build a personal practice to support integration 
  • Learn how to cultivate their energy to support increases in vitality, health and spiritual, healing abilities
  • Learn how to create energetic boundaries that translate into life patterns
  • Gain a deeper understanding of meditation, Shamanic and intuitive, spiritual work
  • Understand Alchemical, Esoteric concepts and their relationships to their inner work and transformation
  • Manage intense or confusing spiritual, energetic, psychic and Shamanic awakenings

You want to offer great value and see your clients make huge strides and get the transformational experiences they seek.

Inner work can cause intense spiritual awakenings.

It can cause heightened sensitivity, awakening of energetic and spiritual gifts, profound shifts in personal awareness that can be confusing. A lot can change in every area of their life quickly.

Stabilization is key.

Capacity must be increased to handle fast shifts and increased income, influence and being seen.

I am a resource of practices, tools, context, and support that your people can count on to help them get to the places they most want to go.


I Am Really Good At: 

  • Offering intuitive practices that demonstrate your coaching concepts
  • Offering somatic experiences that support specific individual and group’s work
  • Drawing essence pieces out of complex subjects and explaining the esoteric and mystic in ways that are empowering and easy to understand
  • Listening deeply to what is needed and creating modifications
  • Filling space with potent creations even if you are looking for simple practices that last a few minutes or hours at a retreat or group call
  • Collaborating. I love collaborations. I love to hear about your methods, intentions and facilitation and develop with you custom experiences and practices that you can include in all your programs 
  • Compiling. I have hundreds, or maybe even thousands of hours of teachings and practices that I can compile into custom programs for your clients to follow a logical flow
  • Holding Space. If you are running retreats I am available for teachings, experiences and even full support to hold the container for your transformative work.

Let’s Jump on a Call to Discuss

  • Custom companion ‘course’ for your clients or group access to one of my substantial course offerings
  • Guest Teaching
  • Guest Facilitation or full container support at your next retreat.
  • One on one support for your clients for specifc energetic, spiritual issues or support for medicine work or micro-dosing protocols.
“Katherine Bird has definately been an integral part of my healing and transformation. She is powerful AF and able to facilitate healing, teaching and transformation in such a graceful and beautiful way. Investing in Katherine's classes and time has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Cannot recommend this incredible human being and humble light warrior highly enough ”
Nathalie Magnus, APCC, EMDR
Love Therapy Center
"Katherine is an amazing teacher. She has tons of helpful insights, wisdom and practices that were tremendously beneficial. The daily practice on the videos, which I intend to keep going back to regularly was really next level. Kat is so self-expressed in all her unique gifts, transmissions and medicine and that was deeply nourishing to the Soul. I am much more confident and established in tools and practices that really help me thrive and keep my vibration high on a daily basis."
Prema Gaia
Visionary Women's Leadership & Business Coach and Founder of SwanSisterhood.Love

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Who You Choose as a Guide is Important
Why Me?

Katherine Bird

I am a Shamanic and Energetic Medicine Practitioner, coach and guide for all those going through awakening and healing with a focus on training practitioners.

I have trained and supported 1,000+ people through spiritual, psychic, Shamanic and energetic awakenings. 

I have helped people find their truest healing gifts and develop and master those skills. 

I have helped the highly sensitive and empaths thrive.

I have coached many through their awakenings and to finding the life and partnerships they did not know were possible.

I have an extensive background in healing, medicine work and the spiritual and energetic practices that you need to stabilize a radical expansion and ride it’s waves into a new expression of self.

I have helped people transition their current coaching or healing practice into successful practices using their truest gifts in the realms of healing and spirit or to start their journey as a professional practitioner from another life path.

I am spiritual but also real and grounded and can help you see your blind spots and root out the incongruent bullshit that is holding you back from the next level of your greatness.

I am committed to ethical practice.

I am masterful at building specialized practices unique to level of development and intentions.

I am constantly studying and developing. I am currently in a 7 year training in Daoist Mysticism and Inner Alchemical Works. I also study at Grace Essence Mandala with Lama Lar. I am trained in Medical Qi Gong and continue to teach Qi Gong regularly. I am also focused on trauma and how we heal.

I am LGBTQA+ aware and experienced with working with clients from diverse backgrounds. I believe in access and equity in my work. I honor you, your background and beliefs.

I want you to thrive!

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