Calling in Spiritual Help for Your Work in the World Course

Calling in Spiritual Help & Guides For Your Work [Self-Study Video Course]

About This Training Program

This course is a 4-Module Video Training program with included PDFs of the presentations. Additionally, there is a powerful meditation practice.

This is one of my shorter programs and you can easily complete it in a few hours but it is one that you will continue to work with and integrate the concepts for a long time. The meditation can be used over and over for different purposes.

This is a great beginning program or for those that are interested in more mastery in the way that they are approaching spiritual work as we will get to some specific techniques and tools.

This training program is designed for healers, coaches, mediums and intuitive guides (or anyone feeling the deep inner call) who are ready to:

•More fully utilize spiritual help in bringing their soul mission to greater expression and fruition on the planet.

•Cultivate spiritual relationships to support their business, healing practice and other areas of life.

•Learn practical tools and techniques for creating and maintaining these relationships and feeding their work with greater power, potency, and ease.

•Feel safe in developing these practices.

•Powerfully upgrade the way their work is felt by others.

•Be guided through the processes in ways that make sense and can be replicated for many uses.

Learn techniques that can be shared with clients to help them deeply connect with their purpose, mission and unique work.

Investment: $179

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