Immortal Warrior Staff Qi Gong

Activate Your Inner Warrior and Claim Your Truth Now

The Immortal Warrior is a Qi Gong practice done with wooden staff.

Receive a serious up-level in all areas of your life with this profound practice.

Enter the day with more focus, energy and presence.

Utilizing a modified practice of The Immortal Form, 5 Element Qi Gong Practice.

The program is broken down to focus on the different organ systems and meridians giving access to clearing stuck emotions, beliefs and energy.

From this new place of clear presence, we will focus our intention on our highest expressions.

We will be traveling through releasing old programming and bringing in new actions and ways of being.

You will leave with a greater understanding of the Daoist systems and the physical, energetic practices that are needed for clearing away the programmed and collected attributes of self and uncovering your intrinsic, true spirit.

You will learn a complete practice that you can use everyday to inspire more energy and power in all areas of your life.

We will be diving into the purposes behind each movement and sound so that your intention and focus on healing and advancing can be clear, precise and effective.

You will go home with your own high quality red oak staff, a video to work with at home, a workbook of materials and journaling exercises.

In the practice we will be working with:

  • Dynamic Stretching

  • 5 Element and Organ practices

  • Breath, Sound and Color Therapy

  • Concepts of Inner Alchemy

  • Activating the Inner Warrior Spirit

  • Building the Energy Field and Inner Reserves of Power

  • Welcoming in a New Level of Vitality and Health

Taught As:

  • Weekend Retreat

  • 7 Week Series

  • Private Instruction

  • Experience at Your Retreat or Event

For private instruction or experience at your retreat please send an email to

Next Public Event:

March 16, 17th 2019

San Dieguito County Park, San Diego CA

Early Bird Price: Purchase by February 23rd: $333

Use this link:

Purchase by March 8th: $444:

After March 8th: $555:

possibly payment plans. reach out for that.

VIP Package: Course + Staff & 3 Private Medical Qi Gong and Shamanic, Channeled Healing Sessions

These are energy healing sessions with prescribed homework Qi Gong, coaching, dietary suggestions, etc. get a greater understanding of your personal needs and how to address them. $1,277.. 3 payments of $433