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Practical and Mystical Teachings and Tools
for a Thriving, Embodied Spiritual Existence

*This program is geared toward supporting practitioners and healers.

Gain instant access to hundred + hours of content, teachings and practices and join our next live call!

HIEROS: Sacred or Sanctified

We are the keepers of the sacred, here to share the sacred through our work and devotion.

As we step more fully into the sacred and become its portal of transmission, we understand ourselves and the Divine. We embody the teachings and share through service.

We master ourselves, our energy and our lives so that we can offer wisdom, guidance, healing and the fullest expression of our gifts.

Through training and inner work we become Super HIEROS: those who embody mystical and practical wisdom.

You are ready to develop a committed personal practice that feels nurturing, energizing, inspiring and that is in consistent discovery and advancement.

You are ready to live your thriving life of service doing what you love, feeling abundant, authentic and expressed.

You are ready to feel confident that you have the tools to move through anything, work the energy, drop the story and come from a place of joy, loving kindness, calm presence and inspired thinking.

AND… You want to be in a collective container with a mentor who gets it. Someone who is truly living all of these things in an integrated way, someone who has been at this a long time and who is constantly evolving, someone who sees you, can hold your vision and knows how to support your unique path.


Master Your Energy

These are shaky, turbulent times. The world is waking up and you are on the forefront. You have to have solid, centered and effective strategies for handling your and other's energetic awakenings and healing processes. Who do you have to be in order to stand in this storm and be a beacon of light?

Expand Your Toolbox

Will you be able to handle the energetic implications of new gifts, transmissions and offerings? Integrate your growth, upgrades and transformations. Develop further mastery and techniques and tools to share with others and use in your practice. Bring your work to the world. Expand your impact on the awakening.

Express Your Gifts

Step into new levels of leadership and sustainable service creating massive impact. Receive support in how to express your gifts and build programs and events that feed your soul. Create financial abundance that will help you to be of even greater service. Discover how to integrate your spiritual work into your life even more.

Training & Mentorship Details

Develop a successful personal seated practice with layers of understanding.

Get the most from your time as you develop mastery in a practice you actually like.

Increase awareness, focus, reflective pause, inner-peace, presence and resiliency even in challenging situations

Develop psychic center, inner Alchemy, work with guides and journeywork

Develop  a standing practice for energy cultivation and embodied empowerment.

Use Movement, Breath and Sound to:

  • Clear blockages, stagnation of energy and emotions
  • Open your system for channelling and healing work
  • Raise your vibration
  • Change your internal state and open to flow
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

Learn to master your thoughts and feelings moving from reactivity to freedom.

We embrace forgiveness and free ourselves from trauma, hypervigilance, anxiety and unconscious behaviors.

Mystical and practical courses on healing self and others, modality exploration, energy work, Alchemy, spiritual development and the nuts and bolts of living your sacred work.

Created with group requests in mind.

Example of included course: Core of Self Care

Group live video calls twice a month for new teachings, practice and coaching

Come with questions about practices, experiences, personal life or business

Supports different time zones

Recorded to revisit anytime

Dedicated platform for group conversations, questions and reflection.

Journey with a global community of Super HIEROS, others who are living a life of energetic empowerment and service.

Make new friends and confidants away from the noise of social media.

Add one on one session work, intensives, retreats and live events at reduced rates

Add programs such as Healer’s Process, 5 Elements for Empaths and Open Your Channel at reduced rates

Access all previous practices, tools and teachings for what you need when you need it. Go back and revisit as much as you want while you are registered.

Start with the fundamentals and build your tools.

Have a deeper, more rewarding and effective experience because you know why you are doing what you are doing and how to develop your unique practice.

“Through working with Katherine Bird I have moved through the last pieces that were holding me back from fully being able to navigate those Shamanic realms and that work. Now that I am more fully grounded in my power and confidence, it's like my giant OPEN sign has been lit! No longer are my Reiki sessions just Reiki. I am being called to do deep Shamanic work, entity clearings, past life and childhood trauma work, and empower the clients that come to me with tools and practices that I have learned and mastered over the years to cleanse and fortify their systems. It is finally time for me to stop hiding behind other titles, and come out fully to be seen. I am a Shaman. I am a Priestess. And now, it is becoming evident that I am also a Coach. I resisted this title for a long time. But, as I dive deeper into my true and authentic work, I see that yes, part of my purpose and calling is to Empower Others in their own Facilitator and Healing gifts and businesses.”
Flow Shakti
Founder of the Embodied Evolution Institute, Creator of the Embodied Leader Path, Shamanic Healer, Empowerment Coach and Group Facilitator
"Katherine has been the most pivotal blessing + mentor in my life. With her help, and with the application of each tool + practice she shared, I - Regained the power to be the healer and activator of my own path after years of outsourcing and finding someone else to "heal me"; I also regained my power in general and now feel comfortable and safe going anywhere without taking outside energy onto my field. - Developed energetic boundaries and became somatically body aware. - Felt truly embodied for the first time, even after years of yoga and dance. - Excelled in my business (I truly devote this to the practices, because they taught me to stand in my power and be in my own space- but also come out of my shell and show up in service!) - Started connecting to my guides and created a solid communication with my intuition. More than anything, Katherine helped me show up and care for my super sensitive soul in unique ways and propelled me onward to live my most empowering and healing light."
Ashae Sundara
Sensual Leadership: Self-Empowerment, Body and Business Coach


Meet Your Guide

Katherine Bird

Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and guide. Her calling is to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and raise the vibratory frequency. She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world.  With an extensive background in Shamanic practices, channeling, Medical Qi Gong and Chinese Energetic Medicine, Alchemy, energy work, meditation and ceremonial work she has coached and mentored 1,000s through their spiritual awakenings,  cultivation of gifts and skills and building healthier relationships to sensitivities and abilites.

She is a teacher, practitioner and mentor for all those on the path.
She is currently in deep study of Daoist Alchemy and Mysticism and Buddhist Meditation and Psychology.

"Katherine is an amazing teacher. She has tons of helpful insights, wisdom and practices that were tremendously beneficial. The daily practice on the videos, which I intend to keep going back to regularly was really next level. Kat is so self-expressed in all her unique gifts, transmissions and medicine and that was deeply nourishing to the Soul. I am much more confident and established in tools and practices that really help me thrive and keep my vibration high on a daily basis."
Prema Gaia
Visionary Women's Leadership & Business Coach and Founder of SwanSisterhood.Love
“Katherine is a gifted healer, teacher and medium. Her understanding of the realms of spirit is truly profound and fresh. Her talent within the healing modalities is nothing short than miraculous, I can’t recommend her enough. Working with her has opened my eyes and heart to so much more than I could imagine. If you want to touch your inner core of brilliance and beauty, let Katherine help you fall in love with yourself.”
Kai Karrel
Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Founder of the Celestial Heart Church

Investment in Yourself

$111 a month or

$888 pay in full for the year

Get More Support with private sessions:

Bird’s Nest: includes 1 private session a month: $444 a month (12 sessions total)
pay in full:  $4,888= 14 private sessions for the year!

Bird’s Nest is limited.

Your participation benefits the Earth. Every month of membership plants one tree through One Tree Planted. 12 trees a year!


Your participation plants trees through One Tree Planted. 12 trees a year!

Are You Ready?

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