Through my training and mentorship programs and communities, I have been blessed to come into contact with many practitioners. Some I see as consistent, powerful, devoted and effective.

Those that I have listed here have been working with me for a minimum of 2 years and have completed certain requirements including teaching inside of one of my group containers, consistently being clear channels in 2 year long programs and being witnessed in holding space or creating a healing experience.

There has been some form of group and one on one mentorship over this time. And, in person work.

These are recommended practitioners. Below you will find more information about them and my assessment.


Ira Kaufman

Ira Kaufman is an evidential Medium and Animal Communicator. They first began their studies in Shamanism with Hank Wesselman, PhD. Ira has studied Mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann, and continues to develop their skills under the tutelage of Katherine Bird. Long before this Ira was connecting to Spirit, working with animals and channeling ancestors into journals with exacting details of several past lives. Ira’s training is enhanced by over 20 years experience working in the healthcare field, integrating their knowledge of being a Master Reiki Healing Practitioner, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist alongside traditional Western Medicine. Their work with Spirit has helped many clients transform their relationships not only with their animals, but also with loved ones that have crossed the veil.

Ira has completed: Open Your Channel, Open Your Channel In Person Retreat, Open Your Channel Practice Community (year 1), Open Your Channel Apprenticeship (year 2), 5 Elements for Empaths and is currently training in HIEROS Mentorship Collective.

My Review: Ira is a talented medium, channel and energy/ Shamanic healer. They have brought through powerful healing transmissions consistently. I trust Ira to hold space for others including myself. I have personally hired Ira to facilitate an animal communication reading with my cats. I have witnessed many  channeled messages from loved ones that resulted in deep healing and integration. I have received and been witness to Ira channeling other messages which have been spot on and very helpful. Ira has taught evidence based mediumship to my year long channeling group and facilitated a group channeling in that container.
Ira has a strong, calm presence and an open heart which allows for session work that is both informational and deeply healing. Ira also holds a very strong connection to the angelic realms, ancestors and indigenous consciousness.


Michelle Christine

Michelle Christine Bio:

I am Michelle Christine. My birth name means “Close to God, Feminine Christ” and couldn’t be more perfect for the Path my Soul has chosen to walk. I have worked with Kat for many years now and she has helped me more than I can express in words. Receiving her guidance and mentorship helped me to open my channel and to have trust and faith in the Divine Messages coming through me and to have confidence and courage in delivering these Messages at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

I am the birther and keeper of Sacred Rose Temple: The Magdalene Path of Sacred Love. I help deeply spiritual women truly heal from rape, sexual trauma and abuse so they can feel safe to embody their Whole Divine Feminine Essence and embrace intimacy  through Sacred Love, Sacred Relationships and Sacred Sexuality. This has been my journey which has been strongly guided by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Isis. It is an initiatory pathway that is immaculately held by the Divine Mother’s Love, Compassion, Grace, Wisdom and Truth.  It is a path that humbly prepares us to become anchors of the Divine Feminine Christ Light here on Earth. 

To prepare my way for the work I offer, I have studied and graduated from The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with certifications in Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching, Tantric Sexuality, Female Sexuality and Jade Egg. I am also a certified Trauma Resolution Guide.  In addition to my training, I am an  initiated Priestess of Avalon through Awakening Avalon with Holly Rhiannon Morgana and I have dedicated my life to the path of the Sacred Feminine. I am a channel for the Angelic Realm and The Divine Mother. Through being an initiated member of The Order of the Blue Rose, I am devoted to The Way, a path of Love through the Awakening of our Sacred Heart, taught by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. Sacred Rose Temple is built on the foundation of all of these Beautiful and Sacred Teachings as they come together to create a unique expression of healing, integration, wholeness and holiness.

My wish is for us to embody our True Humanity,  the gnosis that we are Fully Human and Fully Divine and to live from this place truly seeing The Light in all things. Embracing our Sacred Human Bodies as the Vessels that anchor the higher frequencies of Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Truth here on Mother Earth. This is available to ALL of us and when we fully embrace this TRUTH we will see that the Kingdom is within us and that our Light has the capacity to assist others in their transformation and awakening process…truly creating Heaven on Earth through the purity of our own Sacred Hearts. 

Michelle has completed: Open Your Channel, Open Your Channel In Person Retreat, Open Your Channel Practice Community (year 1), Open Your Channel Apprenticeship (year 2), 5 Elements for Empaths, Aligned Practitioner and long term private mentorship.

My Review: Michelle Christine is a radiant light. Her connections to Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Christ and the Angelic Realms is profound. Her transmissions are pure and nurturing. The informaion, guidance and healing she taps into around sexuality, relationships, the lineage of the Blue Rose is a much needed salve for our disconnection from ourselves, our bodies and sex and each other. She brings through very high level healing and information. Beyond being simply a channel and energetic healer she is trained and experienced in supporting women in the deep, neccessary healing of sexual abuse, shame and trauma. She also supports those moving toward sacred relationship and the priestess path.

I have known and mentored Michelle for many years now and her presence alone is a healing gift. She has the ability to be with the darkest places without bypassing, she can channel frequencies that shift fields immediately and she is able to hold so much light and love that you will feel blessed in her presence.


Kyle Wilinsky

Kyle’s Bio:

Kyle found his spiritual path after recovering from a traumatic brain injury 8 years ago. As his path unfolded , he realized that he also had a healership journey calling him as well. He has received Level 1 and 3 Breathwork Healer certification training under teacher Erin Telford and master teacher David Elliott. Kyle has also received Level 1 and 2 Shamanic Reiki certification from Nicole Adriana Casanova, a shamanic practitioner and certified Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna reiki traditions. He has been training with Katherine Bird for the past 5 years and has completed The Healer’s Process course, 5 Elements for Empaths as well as a 3 year deep study of mediumship and channeling through the Open Your Channel courses. He is also studying Afro-Brazilian-centric healing modalities under mystic and shaman, Kai Karrel.

Kyle helps people navigate life and difficult transitions through counseling, shadow work, breathwork, working with plant allies and integrating that work. 

Kyle has completed: Open Your Channel, Open Your Channel In Person Retreat, Open Your Channel Practice Community (year 1), Open Your Channel Apprenticeship (year 2), 5 Elements for Empaths, The Healer’s Process, and is currently in group mentorship in HIEROS and Open Your Channel Appreticeship (year 3).

My Review: Kyle is a wellspring of deep compassion and presence. He holds beautiful space as he is a natural mystic and medicine man. He is able to support people as they move through challenging periods of life and offer them tools, practices and awareness that supports deep transformation and illumination.

Kyle’s heart and patience are his anchors in this work, as well as, his strong guidance and willingness to be with whatever is coming up.


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