Your Family and Friends as You Become Conscious

Know that not all people will appreciate you.  

Know that not everyone will understand you.  

Know that you will disturb others by shining your light and being a part of the evolution of man.

There are those that are afraid of this evolution.  There are those that will disparage you.  Do not allow yourself to be pulled down by these people.  

Offer your wisdom and healing yet know you will not always be met with appreciation.  Find those that do understand and see you. Surround yourself with these people to lift you up so that you may do your work.  Do not waste your time with those that attack you. They are not ready to hear the truth.


So often as we open ourselves to our awakening we are met with great resistance from those around us.  It is natural to want to offer these new perspectives and knowings to your friends and family.  You have found out something very valuable.  You have been given a glimpse of an awakened life.  In this you feel the seed of consciousness, peace, even bliss, ecstasy and love.

But, for many people, the status quo and living a life that fits into a box keeps them safe and held in place is of vital importance.  Your new found consciousness does not fit into their lives.

As you may have discovered, when you open to this consciousness, all aspects of your life begin to shift and change.  You must start looking at all parts of yourself.  Your shadow, your relationships, your career, your physical activity and even what you eat are all called into question.  They are all brought to the surface to see if they are in alignment with your new way of being.  This new consciousness.

Many people feel angry, threatened and resistant to this kind of change.

You can not force anyone to evolve.  You can not force your new ideas or beliefs on anyone even if you see how much they are suffering in their current situation.

You might be subjected to great pain as you try to convince people to see things your way.  But, your sight is altered.  You are seeking. They are not.

So, while it may be effective to talk about your experiences.  It also may not.  Friendships will end.  Family ties will feel strained at first. This is part of the process.  

Many times old friends and family will express great concern, worry and fear that you are adopting new beliefs and activities.  It is outside of their realm of knowledge up to this point so it is threatening on many levels.  

Know that if you can show up in your truth without trying to convince anyone else of their path then you will have the greatest effect. There is little else you can do.

At times you might feel like you are losing everything.  You might be mocked or ridiculed.

Know also that you must look ever more deeply at yourself.  As you expand into your awakening you must deal with the aspects of your upbringing and family that you are still resentful over, triggered by and unable to forgive.  The more that you can do this work the less you will need to flaunt your new found consciousness and the more it becomes a simple easeful way of being.

This will radiate from you and those that are ready to alight will be caught by your flame.

Be patient.  Be kind.  With yourself and those that you have been raised with.  As time goes by they will accept you more and more as they will feel a shift in your energy.  You will feel more grounded, more present and loving.  They will begin to trust your way of being. And some will even explore and adopt some aspects of your knowledge.

Or hopefully, at the least, accept it.

But, this isn’t for them is it?  This is your path.  Your journey.  Live it fully and know that you are loved.  You are seen.

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