Working with Soul Remembering and Power Places

I am sharing about what it means to have a soul remembering, why we have a soul led experience, and how to integrate when we have a past-life or soul remembered energy come into our lives. I am especially focused on power places and how they can affect us energetically in remembering who we are.

I have just gotten back from 4 and a half months of international travel. Add that to my travel in the US and I have been on the road for one year exactly this week.

I went to a lot of places in that time.

Within these travels, I had callings to some specific places. These were ones that I went out of my way to get to, that I had no real reason at and once the transmission I was to receive occurred, the place spit me out and I was again on my way.

I want to speak to this because we are in process of allowing our souls to remember. This is happening spontaneously, intentionally through past life work and also through going to specific places that hold keys for us. On my travels, I have encountered this in a few places which have activated new awareness and memory in me.

You might have these experiences of a knowing, an energy, maybe a vision or a wash of emotions when you visit a place. This might be a sacred sight that others know is important. It might be someplace that is more unique to you and your soul signature.

These can be powerful experiences and it is important to allow yourself to integrate them fully which can take some time and awareness.

When having a Soul Remembering:

  1. Listen to your gut and what is calling to you. You may get a weird desire to visit a certain place or to go to an event. You might have never had an interest in this place or type of activity before. Do not judge it. Just go. 
  2. You might be overwhelmed with energy or emotions. This happens to me. I literally sobbed and bawled at a very crowded temple in Greece. People were worried about me. I couldn’t stop. Let the energy move, the emotions come up. Watch them but do not shut them off. 
  3. You will doubt. That is ok. We come from a cynical society and anything without form is ridiculed and not taken seriously. Go ahead, take it seriously. Go with what is coming to and through you. Stop judging and doubting and just be with the possibility. This will help to keep the energy opening and not to let it stagnate and constrict. 
  4. You might not get ‘visions’. It might simply be energetic and felt sensations. When I was in Greece, I was so aware of the energy and the emotions, I could not get a lot more. The trickles have been coming in over time. Sometimes that is all that you need. 
  5. Be sure to bring your journal as a lot of information comes through in this way. 
  6. It might not be the place that you think it should. You might have romantic notions of places or you want to connect to your ancestry that is held in your family lineage and yet there isn’t much there. Your soul lineage might have little to do with your DNA of this life and might be a place that would make no sense to you.

For example, Glastonbury was lovely for me and I got a transmission there, but the Avebury Stone Henge held a lot more personal power for me. 

7. Don’t share these experiences with just anyone and everyone. Choose wisely and keep most of it for yourself. Don’t open yourself to people who will be judgemental and negate your experience. 

8. Honor the transmission by giving it time and quiet reflection, bringing a reminder into your home or altar, doing more research and reading, and most importantly tuning in for yourself. 

9. Ask, “How does this new energy help me remember who I am?” and, “How could this serve my service?”, “What do I need to heal or own in order to integrate the highest aspects of this transmission?”

10. Allow that you might have new interests or desires and follow those. 

11. Accept that you are a multidimensional being and that you are remembering and recollecting yourself from many times and places. When these things occur it is because you are ready and able to incorporate a previously hidden aspect of self. 

12. Play within that concept. Dance, sing, create art, dress up, what inspires you to creativity in this new energy?

Here is an image of me mid one hour uncontrollable crying at a temple in Greece:

These experiences are real. They have the ability to draw us closer to ourselves. Our souls are calling out for us to remember. They want us to see and feel it all so that we are aware of our grander truths, our deeper fears and our bold power. Listen and feel for them as they are waiting for you.

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