Who Are You Healing?

I see a lot of people who come and tell me that one of their main focuses is healing themselves. On further reflection and work, we often discover that the call to heal yourself is the call to be a healer. Most healers have had to go through huge personal healing journeys.

Many then realize and are called to show up for healing others.

The interesting thing is that healing others can happen THROUGH YOUR OWN BODY. As you heal yourself, you gain access to the ability to heal others… in the collective, your gender, your race, your personal soul’s lineage, etc..

This is one of the most powerful gifts that we have. And, I feel that there are certain people that are called into this work in particular. It is tricky. There can be overwhelming feelings associated with processing trauma of a collective group or ancestral line. Dreams, visions, and graphic knowings can come up. Sometimes there is discomfort because there are feelings and knowings that just can’t be true. They have no basis in this reality as it has been known. There is trauma but it is not yours. But, this is a powerful way to be a healer.

Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever tapped into a feeling or trauma or had something wash over you that felt like it was coming through an entire lineage or group of people? Have you ever processed something so huge through you that you knew it was not just for you?

I have. And, I have helped others through this high level calling. It is possible. And, as we are being called to evolve, raise up our collective vibration, this work is coming more to the forefront. More people will be called into this. Don’t be afraid. As you open, your truest gifts might be more magical than you expected.

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