Are You Walking Your Path?

This year I discovered again and again that your body will tell you when you are not walking your path.

I bow before the incredible intelligence of the physical body.  Because it is the physical and it is also the spiritual, energetic.  It is constantly expressing the traumas and the aspects of ourselves that are not in alignment.

Hate your mom?  Never forgave that ex?  Not following your heart and still working that soul sucking job?  Killed by being shot through the neck last life?

It shows up.  It manifests in this form that we have and presents itself in all it’s derangement in our bodies.  Listen.  Heal.  If you don’t, it just gets worse, the poison goes deeper, the chakras shut down, the cancer spreads.  Because it is living in you and you are winding around it.  We have to open it up and let it go.

Trust completely and start to really surrender.  Because, when you do, there is the magic.

I have always Loved this painting by Autumn Skye Morrison

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