LIVE CALL #21: Sitting Stillness Holding Energy

PRACTICE:: We took the standing stillness practice and broke it down to do as a seated practice to experience it in a different way. Super supportive in developing the subtle nature of the energy!


LIVE CALL #20: Standing Stillness

TEACHING:: Standing stillness is such a powerful practice. Here is a further discussion of how to drop into the practice.




So why is this such an important practice?

LIVE CALL #19: The Work

Let’s talk about “THE WORK” what this means and what is the result.

PRACTICE:: Here are several tools brought together all at once. Try not to overthink it and jsut follow it in your imagination.

As always, I share with you the steps of what we did and why we did them!

Most Secret Name Practice

Discover the beginnings of devloping the Philosopher’s Stone, Flaming Jewel, Golden Embryo. Will build upon earlier work and support advancement in many areas.