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FREE Masterclass: The Wounded Healer: Own Your Purpose, Confidence and Value

The Wounded Healer Archetype must be understood and fully integrated in order to do powerful healing work. In this free master class, I will be breaking down the Wounded Healer, the shadows and the light. You will discover how integrating this aspect of self can open the doors to understanding more about your purpose in life and how your healing work is to be expressed.You will learn ways that the Wounded Healer sabotage us and also how to leverage all aspects of your life into a thriving career
You will receive important inner shifts to step into new levels of confidence and power. Even if you see yourself as a Wounded Healer, you are still important and vital. We need you to own your skills, your value and claim your confidence.Who it’s for: Healers, Coaches, Therapists, Body Workers, Reiki Masters, Channels, Shamans, and Empaths.

Price: Free
Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
2:30 -3:30 PST

Free Masterclass, Safety in Spiritual Healing

Free Masterclass: Safety and Protection in Spiritual Healing Work

Safety and Protection in Healing and Spiritual Works

This is one of the most important things that you will need to learn about in your healing,coaching or spiritual work.

What are the core principles that you need to know in order to remain safe in healing and spiritual work?

We will be covering:

What energetic and spiritual protection is and why we need it.

Why people get burned out, overwhelmed confused and drained in both work and even just living life.

The ways that we leave ourselves vulnerable to energies that will harm us.

The truth about what is occurring on the energetic and spiritual realms and the misconceptions a lot of spiritual people have in doing this work.

How to remain energetically and spiritually protected and safe in healing, channeling and other spiritual work. 

Understanding these concepts will give us access to more energy, vitality, certainty and precision.  Allowing us to serve our clients and ourselves in a more profound way.

Who it’s for: Healers, Coaches, Therapists, Body Workers, Reiki Masters, Channels, Shamans and Empaths.

Price: Free

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9 Ways To Not Feel Like a Fraud

We see all of the beauty and success on Instagram and Facebook and we assume that everyone always has their shit together and is just killing it. In this work (i.e. coaching, healing, channeling, facilitating), you will, again and again, hit up against various ways to feel like a fraud and a fake. And in the world of healing and coaching: shit goes wrong. We over-invest, clients drop out of programs, things fail, we get sick, we need to continually keep adding more clients to our programs and private sessions, etc., etc.

What Makes us Feel Like a ‘Fraud’?

Just before and after big pushes and expansions (big retreats, larger programs, charging more, doing something new), we often rubberband back into a familiar form of despair and the feeling that we might not do so good again, or people didn’t really get that much from it, or we aren’t really qualified or good enough to do this new thing.

Strangers criticize us on the internet when we put out our most heartfelt posts and blogs. There are so many ways that we can fall, once again, into this place of “not good enough, I’m a fraud, I’m a failure.” It is these moments when we think we could just quit it all and go to work in a cat cafe pouring lattes for kittens.


Yes. This is actually ‘a thing.’

So how do we avoid giving up?

Every Healer Needs to Know These 9 Simple Truths:

1. You have to have that one person.  One person that you can call and who will listen to you cry and not judge you because you are supposed to have all of your shit together.  Someone who will remind you of who you are, your talent, your mission, and your heart. They see you and know you and are able to do for you what you are often doing for others.

2.  Know that everyone goes through this. You aren’t alone. Everyone fails. Everyone has a hard time with money. Often those who seem so put together from the outside are in just as much of a struggle as anyone else. Healers and others focused on service, are often burdened with financial struggles -sometimes even more than other entrepreneurs.

3.  Keep in mind that you are actively swimming upstream. You are trying help raise the consciousness of the planet, guide people through healing themselves, expanding their awareness and living more free, joy-filled and heart-centered lives. All in a global structure which does not support these things. Schools, the financial systems, food, work and even relationships are all designed to keep people small, under control and barely getting by to fuel industries of pharmaceuticals, alcohol, porn, and shopping. Even not doing much you are still swimming upstream and that can be exhausting in and of itself.

4.  Honor that you are at the same time working on yourself. You are expanding, growing, healing, learning and mastering yourself. This can be uplifting but can also send us into healing crisis, overwhelm and sudden realizations that big things have got to change – fast. New gifts and abilities are coming online and there is more need for time integrating spiritual practices and experiences.

5.  Realize that you are grounding Spirit to Earth. You are actively asking spiritual concepts and awareness to come through you to Earth and be made manifest in a way that people can understand, purchase, take in and integrate. Sometimes these messages are just known as feeling states that must be translated into human language. Sometimes they are elaborate practices, rituals and modalities that must then be tested, practiced and taken through a process of the best ways to share and teach them to others. This is what it means to truly be a spiritual warrior, to not be only in the upper realms but grounding it back down into the tangible form.

6.  Accept that you are possibly doing something completely new. It’s pretty hard to get a certification in a channeled work that you are bringing through. It is hard to stand up and say with conviction, “This is right” when it hasn’t come from a master teacher, mentor or lineage. You are a change maker and a thought leader who is bringing new energies and ways of doing things to the planet and you have to figure out not only how to bring them, but how to explain why they are important, what people will get for them, and why they should invest. These are probably things people aren’t even aware they are in need of, so add another level of explanation to the masses beyond just doing the work.

7.  Know that you are actively creating.  Creation takes energy.  Not resting and honoring the ebb and flow of creative process can leave you feeling down when things seem to dry up for a spell so that you can go inward, work on yourself, rest or play in the human world.

8.  See yourself as the Alchemist. You are doing Alchemy, which means this is a process of transformation. And, not all phases are comfortable or fun. Sometimes you get stuck, sometimes things take longer than you would like. You are learning the processes as you are going along.  Your teachings and wisdom often come from your own learned experiences, and so it requires going into the underworld of fear, doubt, shame, and failure in order to properly teach or facilitate.

9.  Give yourself a ton of credit for running a business in the midst of all of this stuff! Meaning: bills, taxes, bookkeeping, managing a team, marketing, planning, doing, doing, doing. Often these tasks are not in your zone of genius in order to make a living at the only thing that you could possibly do.

Because, let’s face it, the minute you start thinking about working in the cat cafe, you smile, think, “Yes! That would be amazing!” and then come back to center and admit that you were designed to bring this very specific special medicine and contribution to the planet, so you jump back in and keep on swimming.

You are amazing!  Keep on swimming!

Inspired by the latest Light Warrior group call.  Join us at the next retreat!
Special thanks to Michelle Hawk for always being the one I call when this is coming up for me.

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Leaving Our Religions

What some might consider alarming is the fact that in America people are leaving their religious institutions at a high rate.  

From http://www.pewforum.org/2015/05/12/americas-changing-religious-landscape/

“But the major new survey of more than 35,000 Americans by the Pew Research Center finds that the percentage of adults (ages 18 and older) who describe themselves as Christians has dropped by nearly eight percentage points in just seven years, from 78.4% in an equally massive Pew Research survey in 2007 to 70.6% in 2014. Over the same period, the percentage of Americans who are religiously unaffiliated – describing themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular” – has jumped more than six points, from 16.1% to 22.8%.”

Where are these people going?  Religious organizations have long served as the backbone of the community. They host birth celebrations, weddings, coming of age ceremonies and they acknowledge you when you die.  They are a place that people have turned to when they lose a job, a family member or find depression seeping in.  They are the places that we have educated our children and sought council when marriages went sour.

Now what?

I see more and more people that seem to be coming out of these systems and desperate to find spirit and heal themselves. People that would traditionally be turning to religion are reaching out to me and those like me for help.

They are often wounded from their religious upbringing in the areas of magic and sex.  

Magic is evil, of the devil and witches deserved to be burnt.  So, when these people are little they shut off their natural sensitivities.  The healers, mystics, empaths and energy workers stop their natural flow of energy.  They close down their systems and react with fear when things like synchronicities, deep inner knowing and spontaneous healing occur.  They distance themselves from ‘witchy’ things and people such as tarot cards, Yoga, astrology, Reiki and even massage and meditation.  All the while, they might be having a deep inner desire to explore these things or they are so natural at it they are surprised when they finally come in contact with them.

Sex is obviously bad in many religious homes and communities.  So, the natural sexual energy that lives in the lower parts of the body is shut down.  Often, people get to the point that they are unable to feel anything in the pelvis at all and have lost desire and purpose, have no idea how to cultivate and store energy and feel lost and off mission.  Bringing things to fruition in the world feels a burden or even impossible.

The guilt and deep shame that was learned in these religious homes has to go through a process of being released from the body and spiritual systems.

This is where energy work, body work, movement practices and conscious communities can help.  

We of the ‘New Age’ spiritual communities have to be ready and open for these new seekers.  

Let’s face it, there are a lot of spiritual snobs out there.  We have found our way out of the mainstream, have moved to the west coast, found out how to wear a bindi  http://hinduism.about.com/od/bindis/a/bindi.htm and then we have an air of superiority over the unenlightened masses that haven’t been to a conscious organic potluck yet.

Humans don’t do well without a spiritual home.  When someone is depressed or having crisis having a spiritual community that stands by them, supports them and accepts them is vital to their getting on their feet and finding peace.  There are so many people that have first been energetically shut down by their old religion, are now in pain and suffering and have no place to go for the spiritual sustenance they so desperately need.

So, what can we do to support the exodus?  

Reach out to your friends that seem on the edge.  You might get some rejections and some sideways glances, but invite them to your spiritual center, a meditation or a Yoga class.

Listen.  This is a tough place for a lot of people.  This has been all they have known and now there feels like so much more. This can be overwhelming, it can bring up a lot of issues around being ‘bad’ or doing something that will put them on the wrong side of God’s wrath.  

Be kind and patient.  Do unto others and all that.

Share your personal story.  Maybe you grew up super alternative and felt rejected by religious friends in school.  Maybe you were deeply in an organized religion and went on a long spiritual quest to find your truth.  What was that like for you and how do you feel now in your journey.  Make a connection.  Relate to them so that they see that we are all one.

Walk your talk.  

Be an example of your truth.  

Show up and be present.

Be loving and generous.

Because that is what ‘being spiritual’ is all about.