The Practice is Not the Point


In some ways it is hard for me to put this out there. I teach practice. I believe in practice.  I love to learn new practices, and I am really enthralled by the different methods that we use to get to Source or to heal ourselves.

I utilize specific ritual techniques in ceremony and life that I am called to and find useful. Some of these I have learned. Some have sprung from my soul fully formed to my surprise. Many seem to be brought to my door by Spirit with a gentle rustle of the breeze.

The practices that I have learned are powerful. The ceremonies I have attended have been profound. The traditions that flow around this world are in need of exploration and discovery.

And yet, the practice is not the end result. It is a way that is utilized to clear the mind, expand the consciousness and develop resiliency in this mad world. It trains the body for the intensity of light energy flowing undisturbed. It burns away the clogged gunk of our lives.

In our strange human mind we are obsessed with latching onto dogma, process and systems.

Often, I find that many people have trouble participating in any sort of ritual or practice on a regular basis because it isn’t perfect.

Not the right time of day, the right moon phase, the right candle or crystal available, the proper yoga gear, the time to sit for an hour.

We use these excuses to beat ourselves up and to stop ourselves from doing anything.

For myself, my practice is in a state of flow. Basically anything can happen. I am called by Spirit.

I use the tools I have with a heavy dose of inspiration and presence.

What does my body need in this moment?

What is my soul trying to tell me?

What feels good now?

What is most present for me in this moment?

Where is my breath?

And in that exploration I find magic and I heal myself and connect to Spirit in deep and profound ways.

Yes, have a practice. Devote yourself to it. Dive as deep as possible. Ingrain it so much in your body that there is no thought to it happening. It just is. Let it take on a life of its own inside of you and become a part of who you are. And then let it go. See what happens then.

To tell the truth, when I had no practices, when I was purely being led by Spirit, I had amazing healing and shifts. When I had no idea what I was doing but simply surrendered into the moment I did amazing things with my body and soul.

I had to give time and space to be deeply present with myself for this to happen, of course.

From there, I had questions. I was unsure of myself. I had to know more to put words and reasons onto my experiences. I had to become an expert so that others would take me seriously.

I experienced things that were beyond my comprehension and I needed to know more.

And, in that search, I have seen innumerable other seekers. People traveling from workshop to workshop, learning practices, asking for healing, trying to figure it out. Being both served and constricted by practices and procedures.

Practice gives you a starting point. It gives focus. It gives discipline. It works. But, it is unique what works for you. Your system, while served by the traditional practices as all human forms are served by the concepts of grounding, cultivation, storage and flowing of energy, is also unique and served by certain things more than others at certain times.

There are times in your life when running full tilt into the forest is the only way to go. There are times when what you most need is to sit quietly and breathe into your belly. Sometimes strength is needed; sometimes flexibility. Sometimes fire; sometimes water.

Allow that the practice is not the point, but the process of developing such fine listening to your system that you can hear and feel the answers to your questions and the needs of your body at every moment is of vital importance.

This is divine inspiration moving through you. And much more the point.