Successful Coaches in Overwhelm

The coaching industry has exploded. This is such a good thing because it means that personal development has gone mainstream. People are realizing they need help with their marketing, businesses, love lives, sex, childhood beliefs and any other thing that might be holding them back from having an amazing life.

With people going through the awakening process, turning on gifts and realizing that living a regular life will no longer do, more and more people are finding a calling to help others.

Bringing gifts and geniuses to the masses via the internet and one on one sounds fairly simple. I know things, I put it out there, I know how to market and do sales, I get a lot of clients, followers and fans, I make a lot of money, I am happy. Yay!

But, I see a lot of coaches that are suffering. They have the business part down but hey haven’t gotten solid in every other area of life. They are now dealing with many different personalities and all of their drama, triggers and projections. They are overwhelmed, overworked and not able to hold clear and important boundaries.

Because, even if you are walking someone through a business program or a launch of a campaign you are coaching deeper levels. You are dealing with mindset, trauma and beliefs.

You must be solid, protected, guided and able to hold powerful space.

If your energy system is not fully functioning, if you are not sourcing power, receiving spiritual help, and taking your self-care to a new level you will burn out. If you have not dealt with your own childhood wounds, your own energetic blockages they will surface in your work. You will feel triggered by clients, exhausted, overwhelmed and not supported by the world. Even if you are making a ton of money the whole thing can start to make you feel dead inside, anxious or bored because you can’t take your clients to the next level because you haven’t gone there yourself.

You are here to do amazing things and serve a large number of people.

I am here to give you tools and processes to support that.

I love guiding coaches through their own processes. I teach simple practices that help to open the system, tap into deeper issues, release what is not serving and bring in massive power. I am an energy worker and work on the physical and energetic but I give you the tools to do your own work so that whatever comes up you can move through it. I help you tap into your intuition, deeper soul level gifts, move through your own traumas and get to a place where you are able to contribute in a much greater way.

Feel yucky after certain calls or a day of coaching?

Getting drained and depleted by the work that you should be uplifted by?

Are you doing YOUR most authentic work?

Not sure what your boundaries are in your professional relationships?

Are you afraid to charge for the value of your work?

Do you know that you have some stuff that you haven’t dealt with in your personal life that simply will not be cleared through a Yoga class or another marketing seminar?

Do you want to be more comfortable on camera, video and on stage?

Are you a master of your energy system? Do you want to be?

I work mostly one on one with people all over the world that are called to big things.

I also offer classes and courses to support you fully.

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Tools for:
Creating Sacred Container
Cleansing and Purification
Working with guides and other energetics
Feeling and moving energy
Opening the Channel
Healing Self and Holding Space for the Healing of Others

Let’s do this.