Six Keys to Transformational Travel

I have just gotten back from 10 days in Sedona devoting my time to nature, studying with and simply being in presence of masters, meditation, practice and receiving healing sessions.

Tomorrow I travel to Maui for more of the same.

While this might sound a bit outlandish to some.  This is how I am able to do my best work.

Time receiving allows for time to give.  Cultivation and self-reflection brings in the knowledge that needs to be expressed into the world.

Integration and introspection are key to evolving and growing.

When I am fully sourced and in a space of practice, I am able to bring more power, presence and reflection to my work with people and in my personal relationships.

So, what is transformational travel and how do you do it even if you aren’t going to a weeklong Yoga retreat or spending a fortune on a training?


Pick a spot that allows you to dive deeply into nature.  Challenge yourself to go without wifi or cell reception for a few days.

Often we travel to see the sites and spend time in the major cities of the world.  This is nice for viewing art and culture and eating amazing food, but it usually leaves little time for being truly alone and you are bombarded with stimulation much like in your regular life.


I’ve had ‘vacations’ in the past that seemed like one long shopping trip. Destinations set this up on purpose with street after street of crafts and shops.

Maybe decide to allow one day for shopping and then let that go.

You might not come home with as much ‘stuff’ but you will come home more rested and transformed.

In fact, this includes dining.  How many hours a day do you spend eating out while traveling?

Get local, eat light and make your own food.


Often when we travel every moment is full of getting somewhere or seeing something. Don’t book out your days full of stuff or places to be.

Try to create a space where you can spend a good amount of time alone.

If you are traveling with friends or a partner, let them know that this is important to you and that you want to include this in the trip.  They are often happy to go off adventuring for the day while you do deep internal work.


There are masters everywhere.

Often you can find indigenous traditional healers when you travel that are offering something that you can’t get anywhere else.  And, quite often these services and experiences aren’t even very expensive.

In travel destinations are collected some of the most experienced healers and teachers.  In Thailand?  Book a series of Thai massages.  In Hawaii?  Find a local Kahuna (shaman).  Interested in plant medicine?  There are many opportunities to take part in this work, especially in South America with traditional Shamans.  Make sure you ask around, get referrals and do your homework before hand so that you know what you are getting into.

While I was in Sedona I booked a Photon Light Treatment.  This isn’t something that you can get everywhere and so I took advantage of it.


In regular life we are constantly moving and going.  We have a lot of responsibility and others to think about.

We want to do the practices we have learned but we have a hard time committing or finding the time.

So, first thing in the morning, start with your practice.  Plan not to rush out to your destinations until you do your breathing, Yoga, meditation, Chi Gong or other practice.

Let your practice filter out into your day.  At a beautiful waterfall or hiked to a look out point?  Give yourself time to be present and meditate here as well.  The wisdom of nature will bless you and fill you.

This can be a powerful jumpstart for your daily life at home.

Get your journal out and document how you feel, what you are receiving and what you are doing in your practice.


We often bring a great fiction novel to relax ourselves by the pool.  We bring projects, writing assignments, work and other things we think we should get done while on vacation.

We spend time on FaceBook and all of the other online platforms we have become addicted to checking all of the time.

The key here is to stop doing, stop distracting, stop running in circles in your head and practice the art of just being.

It might be a great challenge but it is most powerful key to transformational travel.

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