Are you drawn to create sacred instruments, healing tools, and powerful personal talismans?

Creating Sacred Talismans offers us a way to draw the etheric energies into this plane. 

Magic is practical. Alchemy is practical. Our interaction with them in the realm of form allows for incredible shifts in manifested reality here and now. 

You might not see yourself as an ‘artist’. But, you are a creator! Align to your Divine Creator energy and create with me a sacred tool. 

What you learn here you can incorporate into further artistic, ceremony, and ritual work as you enhance your spiritual practices through conscious creation. 

These pieces become more powerful when we utilize magical correspondences, ceremony and intention.

6 Modules of Recorded Classes

Online Forum for discussion, planning, support on choosing materials, planning your specific project and working with the concepts.

Sacred Talismans (overview, their uses in sacred practice, different kinds of talismans and tools)

Objective: Determine what kind of talisman you want to make, and start to dream it into being.

Correspondences – Doctrine of correspondences, personal alchemical constitution, how to assemble materials and symbols to create the talisman.

Objective: Understand core concepts and how to incorporate them into the piece.

You will learn how to calculate your personal Alchemical constitution (from a lesser known Western Alchemical tradition) and what your ruling planets mean to you in creating your tool. This will translate to making powerful tools for others or for significant events and energies you are calling into your life. (including higher health and vitality)

Learn how to work consciously with elements, planets, metals, colors, herbs and more to enhance the potentcy of your piece and your work in general.

Studio Tour – Get a behind the scenes tour of my studio as we discuss the nuts and bolts of creation from best practices and materials to safety concerns.

We continue to brainstorm together to problem solve and share our personal wisdom.

You will receive support in choosing the best materials and tools for your specific project.

Creation – Live art time on Zoom where all create together, get feedback, and ask questions.

Objective: Dive into creative process.

Consecration – How to consecrate your talisman, sacred ceremony, and anchoring talisman into the etheric grid and personal grid.

Objective: Learn important ceremonial consecration processes. We will be in ceremonial space as we empower our tools.

Talismans in Healing and Magic – Ways to work with your talisman, how to use talismans as tools in personal and healing practice, talismans for protection and channeling and Earth Magic.

Objective: Practice working with your talismans and listening deeply to their wisdom.

or 2 payments of $249

Drawn to this but don't know what you'll make?

You will be guided through the process as we gather in Shamanic space, connect with the unseen worlds and listen to what is to emerge.

Greatly suited to this work: wands, fans, staffs, smudge or incence holders, home or ceremy space protectors, altar pieces, initiation objects, cord cutting or other healing tools, jewelry and any object designed to create a specific energy or enhance your personal power.

So grab your bones, stones, leather, feathers, antlers and sticks!

Your Instructor

Katherine Bird

Creating sacred healing tools, tinctures and elixirs, visionary art, jewelry, talismans and totems are all ways to anchor powerful energy into the Earthly plane through physical objects. These sacred totems, crafted with intention, prayer and guidance work with shamanic energies, alchemical correspondences, elemental frequencies and energies encoded for specific healing and initiation. When working with these sacred objects, we cultivate a powerful relationship with those frequencies and receive the gifts encoded in the items. As I am working, they speak to me of how they are to be used. You can learn that deep form of listening and create from a new place.

Katherine has been a long time student of Eastern and Western Alchemy, She trains and mentors healers, coaches and spiritual practitioners in energetic mastery and spiritual development. She is a Shamanic and energetic medicine practitioner, ceremonialist, channel and mystic. She has been making custom tools for healers and others for many years using these techniques.


2 Payments $249

Who This is For

This program is for artists, healers, mystics, witches, herbalists, ceremonialists and anyone who is interested in expanding their magical abilities and tool kit. You are ready to expand your potential and embrace your Creator!

Not just Art this is Magic.
Not just Creation this is Healing

2 Payments $249

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