Open Your Channel Course 2020retake

4 Module Course Series – Every Module has teachings, practices and meditations, Group Coaching Video Calls, Group Channeling Call, Bonus Guest Channeled Transmission

Module 1 (Know Thy Self)
Create neurological and physical stability.
Receive tools to develop a healthy emotional and mental platform required to step into these abilities fully.
Gain a deeper understanding of mediumship, channeling and the other forms of psychic gifts and communication strategies.
Learn how to handle judgment, fear, and doubt.

Module 2 (Becoming the Channel)
Understand your own energy system and how to upgrade it to handle stronger currents of energy, as well as, the shift in vibration required for certain connections.
Clean and protect yourself and your energy field.

Module 3 (Master Your Channel)
Cultivate boundaries and sovereignty at a deep, felt level.
Learn how to remain protected and safe while developing a system of discernment so that who and what you are bringing through is for the highest good and is not draining, misinforming or dangerous.

Module 4 (Integrate Your Channel)

Bringing your channeling into your work.

Handling integration, shifts of vibration and ‘outing’ yourself.