HP PRIORS – The Healer’s Process VIP Program #2

VIP Full Mentorship Package: Course + Retreat + 4 Private Sessions

This package will allow you to get the most out of our experience together, going into your process and also your work and how it is changing and shifting. I can help you in your own healing but also with your business and mission and bringing it to life.

The Healer’s Process for self and others is a 3-month online immersive experience.

Throughout This Program You Will:

  • Get the Training that Your Really Need to Take Your Work to The Next Level
  • Know You Can Walk Through Your Own Shadows & Take Your Clients into Theirs
  • Trust Your Intuition and Take Action
  • Improve & Gain More Confidence in Your Energetic Abilities
  • Hold Space for More Clients, Charge More and Be More Effective
  • Feel Guided and Protected
  • Know You Are Safe
  • Stabilize Your System to Maximize Your Service
  • Open Yourself as an Instrument of The Divine
  • Evolve Your Own Healing Systems
  • Integrate Fully Your Spiritual, Ceremonial & Medicine Experiences
  • Step into The Badass Warrior of Light That You Are