HP priors – The Healer’s Process VIP Program #1

The Healer’s Process for self and others is a 3-month online immersive experience. VIP package includes: Light Body System Sessions Package (3 Private Mentorship Sessions)  Does not include retreat. For retreat, choose VIP #2


Throughout This Program You Will:

  • Get the Training that Your Really Need to Take Your Work to The Next Level
  • Know You Can Walk Through Your Own Shadows & Take Your Clients into Theirs
  • Trust Your Intuition and Take Action
  • Improve & Gain More Confidence in Your Energetic Abilities
  • Hold Space for More Clients, Charge More and Be More Effective
  • Feel Guided and Protected
  • Know You Are Safe
  • Stabilize Your System to Maximize Your Service
  • Open Yourself as an Instrument of The Divine
  • Evolve Your Own Healing Systems
  • Integrate Fully Your Spiritual, Ceremonial & Medicine Experiences
  • Step into The Badass Warrior of Light That You Are