Energetic Mastery: Portaling


Inquiry Work


Physical Energy Practice

PDFs of Practices So You Can Really Learn Them

Learn how to function in the world when you can see and feel other’s pain.

You cannot sit still any longer. There is more to do, give and inspire. You can’t let fatigue or fear of taking on other’s energy hold you back.

  • Get clear, focused and powerful.
  • Stay fully in your sovereign space
  • Developing energetic boundaries
  • Discover if your clients, friends or family are in your body
  • Discover if the anxiety, fear, exhaustion you feel are really yours
  • Become aware if you are taking on ‘stuff’, even though you might not realize it.
  • You need a clear energy field to scale your business and impact in the world. I will be sharing the processes of Light Warrior Training which will help you manage your energy and boundaries.

We will be exploring:

  • Ways that we sabotage ourselves and our practices through utilizing faulty energy processing.
  • The common ways that we unknowingly leak energy in our work.
  • Reasons even successful coaches, healers and other leaders can be drained by their clients and followers.
  • Why there is so much drama showing up in your client base.