5 Element – 6 Months + Bonus Courses

6 Months of Live Calls + Support (1 Live Call a Month + Active Conversations in the 5Element Mighty Network)

Live Calls will include relevant new teachings + coaching + live practice going even more deeply into the practices you have learned + new approaches and modifications based on what you are currently working on

Reconnect to your Qi Gong practice.

Re-visit the Alchemical practices in the group container.

Get coaching and feedback about your practices and anything else coming up.

2 Additional Courses:

Understand and Heal Trauma: Gain a deeper understanding of what trauma does energetically and physiologically and how you can work intelligently to process trauma from your system.

5 Element Recovery Method: Learn how to regulate your nervous system with the 5 elements, breathwork and movement. Learn how to manage overwhelm to the next level.

Specific breath and sound work (not in the 5 Elements Course) to continue your journey of deepening this work.

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