The Real Reasons Your Coaching, Healing, Therapeutic Practice is Stagnant

Many coaches and healers start out with their practice and slowly see an increase of business.  Their programs start to fill, they deliver the programs, things seem like they are going good.  They might even completely rock it with a full roster of clients and an incredible income in no time.   And, then it feels like things so sideways.  People start pulling out of programs, they have trouble paying, they forget to come to their sessions or seem to be avoiding booking.  New leads are drying up and it seems like more work than ever.  What worked before suddenly isn’t bringing in the same results. 

Sometimes, these are just natural growing pains, passing moments of shifts in your business and unavoidable aspects of any healing business.  Sometimes they are signals to shift your focus and become more authentic in your offerings.

But, when we are doing soul guided works, we are being guided and protected by those that assist in these endeavors.  Our guardians will not let us take on more than we can handle.  If they do, it is part of a lesson they are helping to teach in discernment and boundaries.

If our energy is not running properly, we are not sourced and fully in alignment we will not be able to handle many people’s energy.

Taking on a caseload that you can’t handle can burn you out and leave you completely drained. 

It does not matter if you are doing deep Shamanic one on one in person work or doing a group coaching business program with little individual touch, working with people requires a certain element of energetic mastery to hold your field, deflect what needs to deflected and to work with other’s energy in a way that is sustainable and easy.

Adding in elements of channeling, working with spirits or galactic energies in sessions and you can be depleted by the quick shift in frequencies or the intensity of the activations.

I have seen so many clients who with a small adjustment in how they were processing other’s energy were then able to take on more clients and the clients just started coming in.  Programs started to be channeled into existence and things just got easier.  They began doing deeper, more profound work and it wasn’t draining them any more.

I have learned this the hard way.  I have depleted myself and I have hit major roadblocks that I thought were due to marketing but were really due to my own energetics.

I work with a lot of intuitive and psychics.  So, when I am not on my game, they literally reach out to say, “I don’t think that we are supposed to be having a session today? Is that true?”

Yes, it is true.

We have been taught in our culture that we must always show up no matter what but doing healing, and spiritual works when we are not sourced, protected and grounded will deplete us and this is a danger to our systems making us vulnerable to all sorts of issues from taxed adrenals resulting in exhaustion to psychic attacks and entity attachments which can threaten our wellbeing and even our lives.

From my experience, there are a lot of schools out there, programs teaching modalities, methodologies of working on people,as well as, therapeutic and coaching processes.  Yet, few of these trainings give much instruction on how to protect yourself from taking on your client’s energy.  Rarely included are the processes one goes by to ensure a successful healing or coaching session so that the proper energies are invoked, the space is safe, the practitioner is protected and the work is done in a greater state of ease.

I have met a lot of advanced practitioners with years of experience doing deep work who are not in good health and vitality. They suffer from all sorts of energetic and physical issues.  This seems surprising because we expect those with a certain skill level to somehow have it all together and this is not actually the case all of the time.  Having a special skill does not mean that you do not have to deal with all of the life-long issues, traumas, belief systems that can create serious issues.

People enter the healing and coaching professions from the altruistic desire to help, to be of service, to create the conditions for people to heal and become whole, happy and productive doing what they love.  Often a core desire to help and be of service has been a lifelong pattern which started in the home where the highly sensitive child used her gifts of processing energy and emotions to stabilize the family unit.  These infantile ways of processing energy become a life-long pattern which is utilized usually with little awareness in sessions, group programs and speaking engagements.  When you are processing energy ineffectively you can cause major blockages, holdings and diseases in the body.  This can show up as chronic sore throats or digestive issues, heart pain or palpitations, burning in the diaphragm, weight gain and even escalate into tumors or organ issues over time.

Nothing will sideline your business and send you into a healing quest faster than a physical ailment which causes you to pull all of your attention off of your clients and business and onto yourself.

We don’t have time for this.  Nor do we want to sabotage our practices and our lives by needing to take a sabbatical right when things are cooking to figure out how we could have gotten to this place.  It is humbling to have to heal in the middle of a big career push, especially as someone who advises and works on others.

So, how do we avoid these pitfalls?  How do we keep ourselves from over-giving, from literally draining our power to give our clients access to theirs?  How do we remain sustainable in our practice so that we can serve a lot of people, do deep work, create the financial success that we desire while still feeling powerful, sourced and full of life-force?

How do we serve the world without sacrificing ourselves?

For some of us, sitting with this question is the first step.  Often in our excitement to be of service we forget to check in as to how it is effecting us.  We assume that we can go and go and we will be just fine.

1. Look at your energy and physical body.

How is my energy on a daily basis?

Where am I sacrificing myself to do this work?

Where is it showing up in my body?  This is so important because we often don’t even acknowledge the issues we are having in the body until they hit a crisis point.

Am I getting enough sleep, time in nature, sun and play?

Am I supporting myself with nurturing, remineralizing foods?

2. Look at your practice.

What does my daily practice look like?

Maybe we have a steady meditation practice or we get to Yoga a few times a week.  This just isn’t enough actually.  Specific practices to assist in cleansing, purification, protection and energy cultivation must be utilized.

What are the practices that I am doing before and after sessions look like?

What energies and guides am I connecting to that support the work that I am called to do?

How am I processing energy and emotions in sessions and am I doing it in the most efficient, sustainable way possible?

Am I steadily upping my self-care game so that I am able to handle the influxes of energies to come or am I letting myself be complacent with what used to work?

Do I give myself permission to take time off for rest on a regular basis?

Am I clearing the energy of my clients out of my system on a regular basis?

3. Look at your business.

Am I doing deeper work and holding greater space so I need to place more time between clients or take more time off in general?

Am I really charging enough for the work that I am doing?

Is there a way to add less energetically intensive options to my programs and offerings?

Am I simply working too hard sometimes and trying to push or muscle through my work?

Am I being really honest with myself and others about the work that I am doing, giving them an opportunity to see the value and pay more for the work so that I don’t have to take on so many sessions?

Is the marketing that I am doing honest to the work that wants to come through me?

Am I actually being called in a different direction or to complete an important project such as a book that is wanting to come through me?

Is the work that I am doing, the people that I am serving the highest expression of the gifts that re flowing through me?

We are advancing at a rapid pace.  Our practices, our awarenesses and our business must all be in fierce alignment with the emerging energies that we are bringing in or we run the risk of burnout and systems failure in our work.  By remaining present to the needs of our body and our soul during these times we can truly be of massive service to people and planet.  We don’t have time to spend pulling ourselves up from a set back.  There are simple tools and practices that can assist in being able to handle more clients and sessions but we have to start with our own self assessment and then implement the changes, take on the new practices that will support the work we are being called into.

I support High-Performing Coaches & Healers, Manage their Energy, Boundaries and Demands on them Personally and Physically, in order to sustain and scale their impact in the World.

Reach out to discuss how I might be able to support your practice and path.

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