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These kits are the creation of a dear Shaman Sister at Heart Beat Groove Alchemy who lovingly and intentionally creates these essences in Southern California.  The majority of these essences are made from the first flowerings of the Joshua tree flowers which are only blooming for a short window of time each spring. These make for exceedingly unique and powerful essences.  Each one is animally in-tuned through Shamanic practices and deep meditations. The animals claim their medicines and teach us how they desire to be used. These are powerful allies on your healing path and can be used regularly to invoke the aspects of the animals that you are working with.  They can also be utilized in your healing sessions to assist your clients in their process.

Each 3 essence kit has been designed to activate, heal and support your mind, heart and core.  Each one has a correspondence with either your pineal, heart or root and they can be taken as a full experience altogether or used individually to support your current work.



Kits Available:

Mast Totem Kit
This totem kit includes (3) three 1/2 oz. bottles of nature essences & a guide to connect you to your inner wisdom. Support, Transitions, Boundaries and Ease through the Tough Times.

This totem kit is designed to support you through life’s biggest transitions, challenges and losses by remembering that everything you need is inside of you and in your heart. Don’t forget to notice all of the support around you as you go!

{Root} Ballena Gris
Start with your connection to the earth, your creativity, reproductive system, and grounding. Ask to be shown the most grounding supportive connections and what might be blocking you from having a deeper grounding.

Whale totem medicine supports movement through huge transitions with grace & ease. As the huge whale glides through the sea, the water easily passes over their enormous barnacle covered bodies. Whale helps you to see you are just being moved in the right direction. This essence helps support big hardships of uncontrollable life events such as losing a loved one, moving or changing careers.

{Heart} Castor
Tune into the rhythm of your heart. Follow this beat through your veins and listen deeply to what your heart has to say. Journey to what might be blocking you from your heart and how you can hear it louder.

Beaver totem medicine brings awareness to fine tune your boundary system. Beaver guides you to be extremely clear about your energetic, emotional and physical boundaries and create them in your highest good. The beaver builds near the water, this essence supports in the clearing of energy that is not ours and keeps us grounded. Beaver also shows us how to take down barriers that no longer serve us.

{Pineal} Colibri
Tune into your third eye, pineal gland, higher self, and Source. Ask to be shown how you can embody all the wisdom you have collected up to this point of your life.

Hummingbird totem medicine supports you in creating more time & space for living from joy & collecting the sweet nectar of life. Hummingbird medicine reminds you of what is important in life and helps to ease stress so that you can enjoy life and all its miracles. Hummingbird medicine brings awareness to working through anxiety that is emotionally based. Hummingbird reminds you to sing and move through things quickly if getting stuck on something old & sludgy. Flutter into happiness!

Gospel Totem Kit
Gospel Totem Kit includes (3) three 1/2 oz. nature essences & a D.I.Y guide to connect you to your inner wisdom. Boundaries, Self-Care and Shadow Work

This totem kit is designed to support you in taking impeccable care of yourself so that you can fully embody yourself by connecting body, mind, soul, source, & beyond. It will help you to understand and create boundaries in your life in a way that feels good. It will help you bring your heart’s visions into reality.

{Root} Buho
This totem medicine inspires you to see what needs to be seen and to know what to do about it.

Owl supports you in shining a warm, fuzzy, sparkly & safe light in the dark corners of your being. Owl gently wraps her wings around you & creates the space to initiate the ability to go deep into shadow in a light way that can be fun & easy. Owl supports you in falling in love with the aspects of yourself which may not fully embrace. She supports a vulnerable place to become super safe, light, sparkly & fun.

{Heart} Perro
This totem medicine allows for you to experience a deepened sense of loyalty to your self & supports in the grieving of realizing that you have not been so loyal to your self. He also teaches you to observe your self-critical thoughts instead of listening to them and know that it is the ego trying to protect you. Dog medicine reminds you to stay your own color and not to change to other peoples color in efforts to please or be accepted. Dog medicine supports you in fully showing up for yourself in all aspects

{Pineal} Mofeta
This totem medicine supports you in finding a deep sense of respect for self & moves you away from self-doubt. Skunk supports you in exploring insecurities and falling in love with your vulnerable self. How you would surrender to a skunk if it were going to blast you with its “perfume” you learn how to surrender to your insecurities, negative self-talk, & ego reactions to observe your self having them but not believing in them. Skunk reminds you how exciting it is that we are all different in our unique selves.

Sentience Totem Kit
This totem kit includes (3) three 1/2 oz. bottles of nature essences & a guide to connect you to your inner wisdom. Endocrine System, Sexuality, Shame and Anxiety

Remember, honor, and ignite your ability to balance your body and it’s rhythms. Sentience is very powerful for depression, sexual healing and connection. These essences inspire you to connect to and balance the endocrine system (reproductive, hormones, thyroid, adrenals) cranio sacral, and nervous systems. Sink into yourself to regulate blood sugar imbalances and create healthy sleep rhythms.

{Root} Gato
Use cat essence to connect with the earth, your creativity, and the viscera of your reproductive system. Ground in deeply into your body and ask to see where you have shame and how you can turn that into your medicine. Breathe this medicine into every cell in your body.

Cat totem medicine licks love and compassion into the wounds you have not yet looked at or taken the time to accept, feel and release. Gather your wisdom from these experiences. Cat takes you into deeper connection with your sexuality and your ability to create. Time to rock your sexy self!

{Heart} Cuervo
Use crow essence to tune into the beat of your heart. Breath into every cell in the pericardial tissue sac around your heart and feel the pressure lighten. Ask to be shown from a bird’s eye view what your heart desires.

Crow medicine initiates a self-healing response to calm your nervous system and balance your endocrine system. This essence is especially helpful for reminding your body to balance your hormones. It also helps to shine light on anxiety that is rooted in hormone imbalance.

{Pineal} Abejorros
Use bumblebee essence to connect your third eye, the pineal gland, your higher self, and source. Ask to be shown how to focus on what is right in front of you in this moment. Ask to get all your own answers.

Bumblebee totem medicine shows you the obvious and brings you toward stillness. She supports moving through emotion-based anxiety. She brings awareness to see what needs to shift and balance so that we may feel calm. As bees live in a hive, this medicine brings a deeper sense of working together and supporting each other. She inspires a sense of place and helps us understand how we, as members of communities, are greater than the sum of our parts.

Transparence Totem Kit
This totem kit includes (3) three 1/2.oz bottles of nature essences and a guide to connect you into your inner wisdom. Transformation, Activation, and Support Through Awakenings

Transparence Totem Kit is designed to support you in taking impeccable care of yourself so that you can fully embody yourself by connecting body, mind, soul, source, & beyond. Bring your hearts visions into reality.

{Root} Serpentine
This totem medicine initiates you deeper into your true self, shedding away learned and old patterns. Shedding these skins leaves you in the new fresh skin & colors of your core self. Serpentine also lights, ignites & feeds the inner fire in the belly that fuels your hearts’ passions & visions. It invokes kundalini energy to flow in the core of you & awareness of the root chakra.
She activates your dormant DNA allowing you to live your soul’s codes in this lifetime. Serpentine brings deep core awareness to self-celebrate what makes you unique to this planet!!

{Heart} Elephante
This totem medicine brings rooted support beyond comprehension. Elephant supports you to initiate healing family wounds & genetics. Elephant medicine is super powerful at bringing old patterns that no longer serve us to our awareness and supports us to shift them. Elephant medicine brings awareness to the possibility of your ability to shift, change, heal & evolve your DNA. Elephant medicine grounds us and supports us having amazing connections within our family.

{Pineal} Condor
This totem medicine engulfs you with his massive wingspan, creating protection and safe space to live transparently from your heart & true self. Feeling high volumes of safety supports freedom to live from your heart & major self-expansion. Condor shows you life from a different perspective and brings you the safety to be brave and change your ways. Condor gives you a sense of faith to trust that you will be safe & protected. Fly yourself free!

How To Use:

Use a dropper-full (or even less if you like) internally, on your body, in your tea, or in your bath. Take at least 30 minutes to meet each animal in a quiet meditative state. After you have used them in a still meditative space, then you can use them each in a meditative movement space such as a hike, yoga or dance. Once you have used them each in an intensive setting then you can use them any time on the go.  Can be used before healing work, during a session, or before sleep to support dream time work.

Begin your journey into your internal navigation system with the root essence. Follow yourself into the heart and then travel into the pineal.  Gain insight, clarity, activations, and healing.

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Weight 8 oz
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Gospel Totem Kit, Mast Totem Kit, Sentience Totem Kit, Transparence Totem Kit


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