Animal Essences

These kits are the creation of a dear Shaman Sister at Heart Beat Groove Alchemy who lovingly and intentionally creates these essences in Southern California.  The majority of these essences are made from the first flowerings of the Joshua tree flowers which are only blooming for a short window of time each spring.  These makes for exceedingly unique and powerful essences.  Each one is animally in-tuned through Shamanic practices and deep meditations.  The animals claim their medicines and teach us how they desire to be used.  These are powerful allies on your healing path and can be used regularly to invoke the aspects of the animals that you are working with.  They can also be utilized in your healing sessions to assist your clients in their process.
Each 3 essence kit has been designed to activate, heal and support your mind, heart and core.  Each one has a correspondence with either your pineal, heart or root and they can be taken as a full experience altogether or used individually to support your current work.

How To Use:
Use a dropper-full (or even less if you like) internally, on your body, in your tea, or in your bath. Take at least 30 minutes to meet each animal in a quiet meditative state. After you have used them in a still meditative space, then you can use them each in a meditative movement space such as a hike, yoga or dance. Once you have used them each in an intensive setting then you can use them any time on the go.  Can be used before healing work, during a session, or before sleep to support dream time work.
Begin your journey into your internal navigation system with the root essence.
Follow yourself into the heart and then travel into the pineal.  Gain insight, clarity, activations, and healing.

Terms and Conditions for Animal Essence Kits
Animal Essences are only sold in kits at this time. Each is $90.
You can order a custom kit intuitively picked by either myself or the Shaman who creates these essences for $330  This will include 3 animal essences, a scent and custom instructions. Email for more info.

$5.95 flat-rate per order. Ships within 7 days to United States addresses only.
Returns:  Custom made products can not be returned. Opened and used products will not be refunded.

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