Why Movement Practice

Why we move.

You are syncing your physical body to the energetic potential in and around you.  The atoms are stirred into coded patterns with your movement.  The patterns unlock, open, activate and integrate.

The movement does the work for you.

This is the way that energy moves, in geometric patterns. This is the sacred geometry you are integrating into. Now, you can hold it, move it, and contain it. It is simply because you have brought in awareness. Attention and presence creates awareness. Once you have awareness, you are allowed to manipulate, use, strengthen and increase your energetic potential. Because this energy is connected to all energy, because it is part of the divine, you can create a more intimate connection with the divine; pooling it, welcoming it in through movement and conscious attention to the form of opening, receiving and accepting that which is all around you.

When humans are witness, when we are watching, we affect outcomes on a subatomic realm.  You can bring that which is inside and outside of you and the opposing aspects of your self into divine union. You begin to become fully integrated. Blocks and stuckness open and healing is brought in as you align yourself.

As the central channel becomes strong, there is more capacity for bringing in light. More bliss is possible, and more true ecstatic expression. Laughter comes easier, life seems to flow, pain lessens. Conscious evolution is put into place.

Once you learn simple tools you have reign to explore them and feel the differences that come to you. You feel awakened, you have more magic, more synchronicity streams in. You start to manifest your dreams.

You have an ability to connect with others in a way you never knew was possible. You are then able to mix and combine energy with your lover, partner and friends to bring joy, ecstasy, nurturing and expansion of consciousness. You start to feel connected and held. You start to trust.

You repair your relationship with self and others and drop the co-dependent, needy, passive-aggressive behaviors. Because you are self-sourcing, you can let go. You stop holding so tightly to everything. Instead, you become a magnet because you are now moving in patterns around a strong center. That strength in center with everything moving around it draws in more positivity, more people are guided to you. You seem more solid and grounded to others. The truth of what you were brought to this earth to do and contribute becomes clearer.

A releasing into peace is possible.

You heal yourself.

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