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Katherine Bird leads healing workshops, classes, spiritual retreats and light workers events in Southern California. Her programs are designed for Reiki and energy practitioners, life coaches, Chiropractors, intuitive healers, magical healers and spiritual practitioners. From ‘Open Your Channel’ to ‘The Light Warrior’ retreat, learn the techniques from a Shaman Master to enrich your own professional practice and personal growth.

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Allow The Divine to Come Through.
Learn the core components of effective channeling work. Discover important insights and best practices for preparing your body and energy field for channeling, mediumship work and other spiritual encounters. Learn More

Light Warrior Retreat

Energy and Business Mastery Program for Magical Coaches and Healers. Create your vital mission on the planet. Break thru your resistance to being a leader, to being seen and witnessed in your most authentic form. Release everything that is holding you back from truly allowing yourself to be a Warrior of the Light. More Details

The Healer’s Process

The Healer’s Process for Self and Others is a 3-month Online Immersive Experience with Live Event. It is for healers who are hiding, stuck in their wounds, going through ups and downs of the process and can’t get off the wheel of struggle. Those who are looking to turn their healing gifts into a thriving career, or to finally start doing even more authentic work by sharing their deepest gifts Details


Katherine Bird created Trance-Formance, a group healing event utilizing movement, breath and sound to create a space that allows for deep healing and realizations, ecstatic expression and fully surrendered radical transformation. 

Client Testimonials

“Katherine is a gifted healer, teacher, and medium. Her understanding of the realms of spirit is truly profound and fresh. Her talent within the healing modalities is nothing short than miraculous, I can’t recommend her enough. Working with her has opened my eyes and heart to so much more than I could imagine. If you want to touch your inner core of brilliance and beauty, let Katherine help you fall in love with yourself.”
Kai Karrel
Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Founder of Celestial Heart Church

“Katherine shows up to her work in a way that I have never witnessed any other healer do before. She is raw, real, incredibly perceptive and intuitive. This woman has a thousand tools in her toolbox and knows exactly when to utilize each one with seamless skill and accuracy.

If you are a healer looking to take your work to the next level, Katherine is your woman who will help you blow through your blocks. If you are looking to shift some things in your life, Katherine is your woman. If you feel stuck, stagnant or just lackluster in your vision or motivation, Katherine will shake you up and send you off running.
This is what it looks like when a healer shows up.”
Ali Washington
Vision Keeper, Owner at Perception Trainers and Host of Real Talk for Light Workers

“Katherine is an amazing teacher. She has tons of helpful insights, wisdom, and practices that were tremendously beneficial. The daily practice of the videos, which I intend to keep going back to regularly was really next level. Kat is so self-expressed in all her unique gifts, transmissions and medicine and that was deeply nourishing to the Soul.

I am much more confident and established in tools and practices that really help me thrive and keep my vibration high on a daily basis.”
Prema Gaia
Prema Gaia, Visionary Women’s Leadership & Business Coach and Founder of SwanSisterhood.Love

Meet Your Guide: Katherine Bird

Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and Guide here to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and the raising of the vibratory frequency.  She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world.
Utilizing energy work, hands on healing, practice cultivation and deep coaching she shepherds people through their awakening and the journey to become the healers, coaches and guides they were designed to be.

She supports High-Performing Coaches, Healers & Mediums to Manage their Energy, Boundaries and Demands on them Personally and Physically, in order to sustain and scale their impact in the World.

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