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This conversation is about how we and other’s integrate, how we can do that more easily, what trips us up along the way and what to do instead.

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This practice works with some of the concepts we have been working with and also with integrating your healing and transformation from your highest values.


This module is designed to support the previous modules in calling you always back to deeper integration. You can not just keep expanding. You will need to sit with everything that you are learning and shifting and be with your own Healer’s Process that is emerging from within you.

HP Integration, Video 1

The Well

You are the owner of a well.

You have been digging this well for years. You have put in hard labor. You have studied with great well masters so that it is strong and deep.

The land is dry and barren. Water is scarce. A woman with no water on her land finds out that you have a well. She travels through the heat to your land seeking that which will sustain her life. You share the water because it is the only thing you can do. You reach deep inside of the well and pull forth the life nourishing liquid.

The woman thanks you and goes away.

You worry if the water might make her sick. Maybe you didn’t pull from deep enough or filter out enough of the sediment.

You worry that she will tell others.

You worry that you might not have enough in your well if many people know that you have this gift.

You worry that others will look at you differently if you are the well owner. They might not love you and you might be separate.

Slowly they start to appear. At first there is one or two at a time. Soon there are entire families. They set up camps to cook and sleep because yours is the closest water for so many miles. A community starts to develop.

At this point, you have a decision to make.

Do you close the well to save the precious juice for yourself? Do you send the thirsty people away knowing they might not find water elsewhere?

Do you deny that you own the well so that you are not responsible for all of these people?

Do you pretend that you do not have this water because you do not want to be celebrated? After all, this might create ego.

Who are you to own a well?

Who are you to supply life to those that are thirsting?

Are you willing to take on this responsibility? The one handed to you by the great Mother who has given you this gift.

Will you reach deep inside to bring forth life for the others?

The land is parched. The people thirst.

You own the well. Own it well.

HP Integration Video 2

HP Integration Video 3

Don’t worry. We aren’t done. You are able to go back and access all of the previous content. You will also still have one last call and opportunity to drop in together. If you need more support, please reach out so that we can make sure that you have gotten the most out of this experience.

HP Module 5 – THE WORK

Finally, this is the place where your unique healer self shines through. You have started with yourself, built your power and your field, moved out to working with other energies and now you are actively engaging in the different modalities and authentic healing work that you have come to do. You have prepared yourself and set the container so that you can enter this space with full trust and knowing that you will be able to track what is happening and move with the experience as needed. In this section, I will be breaking down some further information on what it means to be a channel, bringing through energy and information, working with specific types of spirits and utilizing the structures of the Healer’s Process to support your dropping in and doing your work.

HP The Work Teaching 1

HP The Work Teaching 2, Energetics

HP The Work Video 3, The Open Channel

HP The Work Video 4, The Open Channel Pt 2

HP The Work Video 5, Speaking in Tongues

HP The Work Video 6, The Open Channel Pt 4

Appeal for the Opening of Channels

Medium’s Creed


Healing is a process of building relationships.

You are creating a relationship to your I AM: your sovereignty, purpose, intrinsic gifts and awarenesses. From there you have moved outward and built a relationship to your energy fields and your connection to the Earth and celestial energies. Then you moved out to working with outside energies light and dark, understanding them and utilizing cleansing and purification practices with the assistance of allies and tools. Now it is time to dive into what it means to create a strong, sacred container for the work to happen.

Here we continue to develop our relationships to allies and tools and now add in solidifying relationships with guides, spiritual beings and other energies.

Sacred Container, Video 1

Creating the Sacred Container

Sacred Container, Video 3

HP Sacred Container Video 4

HP Sacred Container, Video 5

5 Elements Theory


a meditation to deeper attention, awareness and consciousness, to support building the field, also a led practice to help move stagnant and stuck energy and a conversation on protection and entities, etc.


On the shores of a raging sea, waves crash with such force the Earth crumbles. Sea spray shoots meters up into the air. The roar is deafening. The sky is grey and ominous. On the shore stands a lighthouse. It is consistent, sturdy and unmoving. It takes the waves and gives back light so that the lost and weary can find their way home. When you are a master of cleansing and purification techniques, you are a lighthouse. You can stand in whatever is present and be ready for what you must do, bringing light and welcoming people home.

Replace that lighthouse with a giant sponge. You get the picture. The sponge soaks up everything. It has nothing to give back except more of the same of what it has been given and it sloppily falls into the sea to be washed away.

Be a lighthouse; not a sponge.

Cleansing & Purification 1

HP Cleansing & Purification Video 2

HP Cleansing & Purification Video 3 – Techniques

HP Cleansing & Purification Video 4 – Purification

HP Cleansing & Purification The Swipes

CP Prayer to violet hand

CP Final Word