Portaling: The Practice

This practice video is long. But, once you have worked with it enough, you will be able to do it on your own. I suggest that you work with this everyday for a while to get it into your body and memory. You can come back to the video anytime to get a fresh perspective on your practice.

I am including 2 documents. Feel free to print them out. One is on the stance and one is on the tapping sequence. This should help you learn them better.

PDF of Warrior Stance

PDF of Tapping Sequence:

Portaling: Assessment

Here is the assessment. Be sure to give this the space that it needs. You will be going through a meditation. Be sure to have your journal ready to explore what you discover!

What is Portaling?

It is important to understand how we have been trained to process energy. Here we go deeper into the core concepts of this work.