LIVE CALL #2: September 5, 2020

Questions and Discussion

We discussed how to deepen the practice, how to work with the concepts in other areas of life, how to develop a more intuitive practice and what to do when the emotions come up.

Practice: Metal and Water

See how the last 2 elements come together with our form and new ways to work them.

LIVE CALL #1 August 22, 2020

Intros and Questions

I spent some time at the top of the call explaining the FORUM. So, if this has been a question for you, please tune in. We also did some introductions and questions about the practice and experiences.


Here we dropped into a group practice like the one learned in Module 1.

Follow up questions and integrations

Here we got to track some of the experiences and ask about ways to integrate this more into our lives.

5E – Coaching Call #2

This was a great call. We talked about the current environmental issues and how this is effecting us. We discussed more deeply the process that we are going through and shared what our experiences are in the practices.

We went into the concepts of digestion and working Alchemically and what we are doing in these processes and why.

There was a process discussed as to how to more successfully digest energy.

And we got to top it off with a very beautiful prayer by Zoe!

5E – Coaching Call #1

This was a great call and we got into issues around accepting energy from the Earth, how we are dealing with our pain aorund Environmental and social issues, toxic energy, working with the lungs and kidneys, possible associations to other traditions (I am going to look into this for more results) and there were a lot of great shares.

Please feel free to send more questions and post in the FB group!

Module 8: Integration

Teaching Video

This hour long teaching will help you to understand how to incorporate the elements into your life even more.

PDF of Slides


This is a powerful meditation that can be done either sitting or standing. I encourage you to learn it, work with it both ways and incorporate it into your practice.
It can be done before meditation or before your Qi Gong practice or as a stand alone practice.

This is one of the practices that I work with in my channeling group. We use it to prepare for channeling work. I am sure that you will love it.

I am not giving another movement practice this module because as part of the lesson of integration I want you to go back and review any videos that you have skipped or feel drawn to at this time while incorporating this new still practice.

PDF of the Meditation

Additional Resources

Module 7: Putting It All Together

This module we will be bringing the work together. The teaching video is about an hour and is focused on both how to evolve your own practice and the shifts of consciousness that need to be worked with in combination with the energy work.

My intention with this module is for you to come away with an understanding of how to be in your practice fully, allowing it to evolve and grow with you. I also hope that you will gain some important and valuable tools for working with the thoughts and feelings that surface from the work that we are doing.

Teaching Video

PDF of Slides

Full Practice Video:

The practice is 30 minutes. It has all of the elements in it and I hope that you enjoy bringing it all together!

Module 6: EARTH – Golden Dragon

Welcome home to the element of Earth. Here we find our ground and center once again and start our journey to full integration and embodiment. I hope that you are enjoying the program so far!

Teaching Video:

PDF of Slides:

Sound Alchemy: Flossing Practice:

EARTH Practice Instruction:

Full EARTH Practice

Emotional Alchemy Practice:

Module 5: FIRE – Red Phoenix

Welcome to Module 5 and the energy of fire. The videos will be mapped out in the same way so you must be getting used to the process by now.

Again, be sure to keep your workbook handy so that you can log your practices, inquiry work and any ah ha’s that are coming up.

Teaching Video:

PDF of Slides:

Sound Alchemy: Sound Flossing Practice:

Fire Practice Instruction:

Full FIRE Practice:

Emotional Alchemy:

This one is a bit shorter than the last ones.. Hope you enjoy it!

Module 4: WOOD – Green Dragon

Welcome to Module 4 as we tune into the frequency of Wood. Remember that this element is also connected to the wind, so it can be also looked at as the element of air in that way.

As you go into the materials this week don’t forget to grab the workbook and track your practice every day and answer the inquiry questions.

This module it is also important to try to get out into some green nature and bathe in the color as much as possible. You might want to change your altar cloth or add a green color to your life in some way as a reminder to work with this energy. This can be a reminder to cultivate kindess and compassion throughout your day.

The videos are formatted in the same way to give you the shorter practices and to start building out the longer form. If you want in your practice to add the ones from the modules before, this might help you solidify the movements and keep building as you go. Pay attention to your form, stacking the bones, relaxing the muscles and allowing the movement to emerge from the energy.

Teaching Video:

PDF of Slides:

Sound Alchemy: Flossing Practice:

Sound is: Guo.

Practice Instruction:

Full WOOD Practice:

Emotional Alchemy Video: