10,000 Hours to Mastery does not always apply in the same way to channeled works and initiations.

Generally, when we want to learn a new task and become a master we look to the form of 10,000 hours to mastery. We start with the basics, repeat, repeat, repeat and keep adding until we reach proficiency and then keep practicing and developing skill.

Yet, often in spiritual and healing work we can receive a channeled transmission or have a soul remembering or open in a way that we suddenly are aware of how to do something that we have not done before.

This can be confusing and overwhelming. It can also be inspiring and feel like we have just come home to ourselves in a new way.

All of the sudden a whole healing modality or a meditative practice can spring through us.

Our hands are ‘turned on’, our senses are sharpened, our intuitive and empathic awareness has radically upgraded with little to no notice.

When this occurs there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Because we are dealing with a ‘training system’ and an evolution of growth that does not fit the way that we were conditioned to believe that learning occurs we can get lost in doubt, shutting things down, pushing new information away or being unwilling to go down that road.  We do this because we realize that there is a fundamental change and shift occurring and there are parts of us that will need to die to ‘live into’ this new person that has just been born.
  1. While, yes you might have a powerful new skill or awareness it is as yet untested. Those 10,000 hours are going to come in as you start to work with these new abilities and remembered skills and hone them into something that is functional on this plane of being. 
  1. You do not need to start charging for these skills right away. But, you will want to practice them and get real, constructive feedback. 
  2. As we uplevel in this type of way, there is often an accompanying purification process so be ready for your shit to come up, old traumas to emerge and you might feel worse before feeling better, get ill for a time or need more support. 
  3. The inner work still has to be done. That means: trauma release, consciousness work, learning your own personal energetic cultivation and management. Healing all parts of yourself.  If you do not do the inner work to remain grounded and focused toward a higher version of yourself: more loving, kind, present and peaceful your added ‘powers’ or ‘knowings’ will not be of the highest service. This is a lifelong practice of inner reflection and looking at the hidden. 

I often run into people who have new skills emerge but do not want to commit to self care, meditation, physical and energetic movement practices or serious life changes. 

  1. Whatever magical thing you are experiencing, it is not ‘that weird’ it is just out of context for what you have experienced before. Do not use it to make yourself ‘different’ or ‘special’. Both are traps. Often the ‘magical thing’ is not even the real point but a distraction from the deeper work. 
  2. Your life will change. Relationships, profession, living situation anything and everything is up for review and change. If what you are bringing in are higher aligning frequencies, anything not in resonance with that will need some sort of shift. 
  3. You are not alone. People are popping open and turning on all the time. And there are plenty of us with context, practices, healing work and support for those on the path. You do not have to do this alone, nor should you, as mentorship and friendship keeps us sane, steady and on track. 

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