I AM. Who are you?

At this time of the new year, I offer you these easy and fun ways to begin that new journal you have just gotten:

In the middle of the page write the words:  I AM

Like a sun radiating from this center point write all the things that you are in a concrete way:  student, mother, sister, dancer.

On the next page do the same only now it is less concrete:  I AM : joy, compassion, grace, sensitive, healing, listening.

The point is to stretch your ideas of who you are.  You might have to go back to it a couple of times.  You will see that you are much more than you thought previously and that you have actually added in a couple that wouldn’t have been there a year ago.  Maybe you have explored a new aspect and all of the sudden you can add: healer, mystic, musician, singer, father, teacher, wisdom or forgiveness.

The aspects of yourself that you feel are less developed you can even write in different font sizes to give you an idea of where you feel you are today. This is a powerful way to get to start to think of yourself differently, to give yourself some much needed credit, and to see the places that you feel like maybe you really aren’t comfortable with and need to get stronger on.

You are so much more powerful than you think!

The next item which is really helpful at this time of year is to make a gratitude list.  You can do this as a list or as the sun image writing GRATITUDE in the center and radiating the items out from there.   Write all of the things that have happened in the last year that you really can feel gratitude for.  Find the things that maybe were challenges and yet you can now be grateful for due to the growth they brought into your life.

Then, on the next page the word is:  RELEASE

Write down everything that you are releasing this year.  You can come back to this during the year to get clear on what you are no longer allowing into your life.  Could be, fear, anger, worry but could also be things like: taking on too much of other people’s energy, hoarding too many old clothes, not speaking up for myself.

And, you must find then what you are calling in, the next page’s word is:  ATTRACT or ACTIVATE

Dream big and get clear. Be specific and daring.  Write the thing that you know you really want to be or bring in, the one that you haven’t shared with anybody.  Stating it will start the ball rolling.  The Universe does want to support you but needs a little help.  You have to be clear about what you want and need in your life.

Happiest of New Years to you and may you appreciate ALL that you are.

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