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Be Your Most Powerful Healer, Coach and Guide.

The Healer's Process Program with Katherine Bird

Meet Your Guide

Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and guide here to help facilitate a shift in human consciousness and a raise the vibratory frequency. She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world. Utilizing energy work, hands on healing, practice cultivation, coaching and mentorship she shepherds people through their awakening and the journey to become the healers, coaches and guides they are meant to be. She supports High-Performing Coaches, Healers, Channels, Lightworkers and Empaths to Manage their Energy, Boundaries and Demands on them Personally and Physically, in order to sustain and scale their impact in the World. Her courses: HIEROS, 5 Elements for Empaths, Healer's Process and Open Your Channel help people to thrive as sensitives, healers and guides so that the world may benefit from their light.

She is constantly evolving and growing and is in process of training to become a Daoist Priesta at Temple of the Original Thunder and trains with Lama Lar and Grace Essence Mandala a modern esoteric work school.
This work is from the up-coming book: The Healer’s Process: Taking Your Healing Work with Self and Others to the Next Level

"I love noticing my resistances and asking questions about them/feeling into them, then discovering that they are sources of as yet untapped power and potential to be a total rock star. I am amazingly powerful, and this process called my attention to some ways in which I may arrange obstacles to keep me from being fully in my power. You create such rich content and experiences. The entire course was jam-packed with incredibly valuable material. I love that you empower people to act upon the knowledge, rather than just think about it. Your passion for the work pours out of you. That is amazing." Katherine is an amazing guide for this work. She is one of the few healers/facilitators whom I trust implicitly. I have a better understanding of myself as an Oracle, as well as have a new layer of confidence in my own expertise."
Michelle Hawk
Shaman, Reiki Master, Alchemist and Channel

Program Course Syllabus

“I Am”

  • Own Your Unique Healer
  • Understand, Heal and Integrate the Healer Archetypes
  • Soul Level Work, Soul Contracts, Past Lives & Irrational Fears
  • Develop Your Guiding Intentions, Commitments and Devotions
  • Understand and Build Your Personal Practice to the Next Level, Breaking Through Resistance and Fear
  • Understand Energetic Anatomy and Develop Personal Power through Energy Cultivation
  • Gratitude in Action
  • Connection to Self, Purpose and Path
This module is important because healers tend to focus on service and supporting others. You might go to train in modalities or receive coaching to start a healing business before you truly understand yourself, the work that is meant to come through you or build the energetic power and resiliency that will support you for the long term. 

This can lead to false starts, confusion, overwhelm, wasted time and energy and an overall dissatisfaction with your work over time. 

This is the ground work for your life. It will give you an understanding of who you are at a fundamental level. It will help you create a supportive personal practice which is the cornerstone of any healer’s life.
You can not skip these important steps in knowing yourself, healing deeply held wounds and beliefs and building your core of light and love. You must know why you are called to this work, what it means to you and what you are here to learn and heal for yourself through this calling. 

Building The Field

  • Build More Personal Power & Resiliency
  • Grounding
  • Build and Maintain Boundaries
  • Understand Energy Bodies and How to Work in and Maintain The Auric Field
  • Heal Childhood Wounds
  • Connect to Source, Light, Earth and Power

You can now go from a fully inward focus at the core of your being out to your field and begin to understand the ways that you interact with energy and the world.

This is important because no matter how good your modality is you must be able to maintain both a core resonance of light and know how to work with cultivation of energy to build your protective field. This field will be interacting with everyone that you come in contact with and is a signal when something is wrong, when you are holding onto things that you shouldn’t or when you are in need of support or more personal work. 

Working in these realms of energy you will come up against parts of you that resist or do not feel worthy, parts that are in need of healing and this module gives you access to moving through that so that you can feel more energized, healthy, pure and powerful.

Cleansing & Purification

  • What They Are, Why They Are Important and Practical Techniques
  • Utilizing a Variety of Systems & Modalities For Self, Space, Clients & Tools
  • Develop Clarity & Discernment through Purity
Access the core concepts of cleansing and purification, both clearing and also bringing in the new.
This is an often overlooked part of healing work and misunderstood by many practitioners. You will understand what to do with all of the energy stirred up in sessions and also in life. This will help you feel better, more clear and will keep you safe and from taking on things from your clients. 
Your healing space, your home, your life will start to radically upgrade and shift by using these tools and understanding these concepts.
This module builds on the last two because you can not simply be clearing and purifying unless you have the basics of energetic anatomy down in your body. This module helps you understand what to do next with what you are sensing. It will help you to take the practices that you have been doing to the next level and give you an understanding of how these concepts fit into a healing session. 


The Sacred Container

  • Learn What Energies Are Supporting You and Your Work
  • Learn How to Successfully Open & Close the Space for Healing, Meditation or Channeling
  • Work with Directions, Energetics, Tools
  • Feel Guided, Protected and Assisted
  • Build Functional Invocations for Spiritual Support

From a place of empowered presence, you can now begin to feel what is outside from a strong personal reference. You will be able to use the tools the you have learned in the previous modules to build the container which is directly linked to your core, your connection to the above and below and is resonating with your field.

You are now clear, present and capable enough to begin your truest body of work.

The Work

  • Opening the Channel, Mediumship Practice
  • Understanding Working With Spirits in Healing
  • Working with Beings, Elements, Trees and More
  • Safety, Protection, Discernment and Practical Techniques
  • Energetic Mastery
  • Understand and Accept Your Unique Gifts
Everything that has come before has been leading into this. Here we get to play, develop unique expression and find the core of truth in your work.
This is where we want to be, but without the groundwork, without the focus on self it is easy to burn out, do unhelpful work with others or put yourself at unnecessary risk. 


  • Weave The Teachings Through Your Life
  • Bring Your Work to The World
  • Working with Clients, Holding Space and Shifting Your Current Work
  • The Thriving Healer Mindset & Actions
  • How to Support Your Client or Yourself in The Integration Process
  • Build a Resonate Field to Support the Evolution of Consciousness
Here I call you always back to deeper integration so that you can learn to be with your own Healer’s Process that is emerging from within you. 

Are you tired of playing small or hiding the truth about who you are?

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Gain More Confidence in Your Energetic Abilities

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Enrich Your Personal Evolution and Growth

Turn your healing gifts into a thriving career, or finally start doing even more authentic work by sharing your deepest gifts.

Become Fully Empowered, Activated and Expressed

Take your work, relationships and energetic practices to the next level. Live your true soul's calling!

"Katherine is an amazing teacher. She has tons of helpful insights, wisdom and practices that were tremendously beneficial. The daily practice on the videos, which I intend to keep going back to regularly was really next level. Kat is so self-expressed in all her unique gifts, transmissions and medicine and that was deeply nourishing to the Soul. I am much more confident and established in tools and practices that really help me thrive and keep my vibration high on a daily basis."
Prema Gaia
Visionary Women's Leadership & Business Coach and Founder of SwanSisterhood.Love
“Katherine is a gifted healer, teacher and medium. Her understanding of the realms of spirit is truly profound and fresh. Her talent within the healing modalities is nothing short than miraculous, I can’t recommend her enough. Working with her has opened my eyes and heart to so much more than I could imagine. If you want to touch your inner core of brilliance and beauty, let Katherine help you fall in love with yourself.”
Kai Karrel
Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Founder of the Celestial Heart Church


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