Energetic Mastery Portaling

Katherine Bird

Learn to Process Energy More Effectively in Life and Work

Energetic Mastery: Portaling

Learn how to function in the world when you can see and feel other’s pain.
Be Your Most Effective Healer, Coach & Guide

Energetic Mastery: Portaling

Are you a healer, therapist, coach or anyone who feels overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of others?

Do you wonder why you seem to take ‘take on’ so much pain or energy from other people? Do you avoid social situations or amping up your business because it all feels like ‘too much’?

Are you committed to doing your healing practice in a way that is sustainable for you and does not leave you drained or burdened?

Are you constantly triggered by socio-political reality and unable to separate your field when engaging with those of an opposing mindset? Do you feel the pain of natural disasters so much that you are have trouble managing?

Portaling is a way that you have unconsciously developed a pattern of processing energy and emotions through your system. These patterns can result in physical discomfort, poor health and injury, as well as, exhaustion and overwhelm.

I will take you through these concepts and then through practices to both self-asses your system and change the old patterns so that you will be able to do deeper work, have more intimate connections and thrive in public settings.

This is a game changing shift that I have seen work over and over again in clients who once they learn this tool start to up their game and stop being exhausted by their clients and other interactions.

Learn how to function in the world when you can see and feel other’s pain.

You cannot sit still any longer. There is more to do, give and inspire.  You can’t let fatigue or fear of taking on other’s energy hold you back.

  • Get clear, focused and powerful.
  • Stay fully in your sovereign space
  • Developing energetic boundaries
  • Discover if your clients, friends or family are in your body
  • Discover if the anxiety, fear, exhaustion you feel are really yours
  • Become aware if you are taking on ‘stuff’, even though you might not realize it. 

You need a clear energy field to scale your business and impact in the world. I will be sharing the processes of Light Warrior Training which will help you manage your energy and boundaries.

We will be exploring:

  • Ways that we sabotage ourselves and our practices through utilizing faulty energy processing.
  • The common ways that we unknowingly leak energy in our work.
  • Reasons even successful coaches, healers and other leaders can be drained by their clients and followers.
  • Why there is so much drama showing up in your client base.

This is a stand alone, 2+ hour class

You will receive teaching around these concepts, as well as, powerful, physical, energetic practices that will shift your field and upgrade your healer-ship right away.

Watch and review at any time.

Master class for coaches, healers, mediums, teachers, speakers and leaders. Especially important if you consider yourself an empath or highly sensitive.
"Katherine shows up to her work in a way that I have never witnessed any other healer do before. She is raw, real, incredibly perceptive and intuitive. This woman has a thousand tools in her toolbox, and knows exactly when to utilize each one with seamless skill and accuracy. If you are a healer looking to take your work to the next level, Katherine is your woman who will help you blow through your blocks. If you are looking to shift some things in your life, Katherine is your woman. If you feel stuck, stagnant or just lackluster in your vision or motivation, Katherine will shake you up and send you off running. This is what it looks like when a healer shows up."
Ali Washington
Vision Keeper, Owner at Perception Trainers and Host of Real Talk for Light Workers
“Katherine is a gifted healer, teacher and medium. Her understanding of the realms of spirit is truly profound and fresh. Her talent within the healing modalities is nothing short than miraculous, I can’t recommend her enough. Working with her has opened my eyes and heart to so much more than I could imagine. If you want to touch your inner core of brilliance and beauty, let Katherine help you fall in love with yourself.”
Kai Karrel
Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Founder of the Celestial Heart Church

'Energetic Mastery: Portaling' COURSE

Energetic Mastery:

You can not sit still any longer. There is more to do, give and inspire.  You can’t let fatigue or fear of taking on other’s energy hold you back.

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Meet Your Guide

Katherine Bird

Katherine Bird is a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and guide here to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and the raising of the vibratory frequency. She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world.