Empath Pain to Empowerment

What is your relationship to being ‘sensitive’? 

You want to thrive yet still get derailed by sensitivities, overwhelm or exhaustion?

You hold back, sabotage success or fear promoting yourself because you might not be able to handle a full client roster or successful business?

Do you take on too much from your clients?

Are you on the path of service and committed to development and gathering tools for yourself and others?

Join me for a journey of Empath Pain to Empowerment. 


In this FREE training you will discover:

  • The 4 Phases of the Empath and where we get stuck in each phase
  • How this relates to your mission and purpose. 
  • What you need MORE of as an empath.
  • What happens when you try to do healing work before you get to Phase 4

You Also Get:

  • Empath Reset: A simple, short practice to help you regulate, clear and discharge. Adding this as a daily practice is a gamechanger! At the end of the video I break down each of the parts of this practice and explain what is going on energetically, physiologically and how we are addressing trauma, overwhelm and shifting deeply held patterns. 
  • The My 4 Phases Worksheet: dive into the 4 Phases and find further clarity.


And start the journey to empowerment. 

Because being an Empowered Empath means…

More peace

More confidence

Better Relationships

Less overwhelm and fluctuations of energy and emotions that take you out. 

Greater impact, success and service to the world!

See you there!

“People don’t serve because their sensitivities are weaknesses instead of Super Powers.”

I help healing and spiritual practitioners, empaths and all those that serve to master themselves, their gifts and tools so they can thrive.

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