Qi Gong Activation

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Welcome to Qi Gong Activation. This course is designed to support you to activate your Qi Gong practice and give you tools to start working with right away.

It’s ok if you haven’t done Qi Gong before. I encourage you to be as present as possible with the movements, your breath and your body. It might not always be comfortable at first as you are learning something new. Listen to your body and make modifications as needed.

If you are here to enliven your current Qi Gong practice, I am excited to be a part of a renewal of your devotion or a deepending of your education.

You will find here 5 classes. Each class will be less than an hour total for your ease.

I have broken them down so that for each one you get a teaching (or 2) and also a practice. The practices are about 30 minutes each. You will see repeats in the practices and also you will get new guidance as you go along. I encourage you to try each one on a daily basis. This will help to anchor the practice into your body.

If this really responates with you and you want to develop your skills and practice, I have a deeper 6 month course for you to train with me:

5 Element Alchemy