Body Rolling as Spiritual Practice

As I have expressed more of my conceptions of energy cultivation and soul level healing, I have had to really feel into how Body Rolling fits into this. What I am finding is that clients that are coming in for a soul or trauma issue are in deep need of self-care and self-exploration. The trauma or the lack of energy in an area creates a place that is deadened and in need of a lot more attention, breath and focus. It is not enough to clear energy or pull out what doesn’t belong; there is still the rehabilitation portion. And I think that a lot of people are missing this when seeking energy healing.

You have to have something to bring attention and awareness to in your body. Having something outside of your self (the ball) changes your relationship with your body. This becomes the fulcrum point by which you can pivot and shift your body.

The physical body is a manifestation of your spiritual and energetic systems. Energy work is extremely important in shifting things, but we are made manifest in physical form and must also work from that level. Sometimes, I see people trying to bypass the physical.  I also see a lot of issues coming up in the body that have to be worked on numerous levels.

As we align the physical, energetic and soul levels we are able to unlock doors which hold our traumas.

When the body begins to unwind and as we are asking it to be able to process greater amounts of energy and emotion we must have a strong container that can handle it.

We do these practices to warm up and make flexible the body and especially the spine to be able to handle the movements that spontaneously happen as energy is accessed, released and moved through.

The structure of the body must be open and flexible.

I believe that Body Rolling can be an important part of a deep spiritual practice. It is one of the best ‘Gateway Practices’ that I have found. Telling someone to meditate or start a Yoga practice with a less than pain free body can be tricky. But Body Rolling actually allows you to heal your body and connect with it in a new way. It then helps you create a practice mentality. It feels so good that practice becomes natural. This is huge because most people are unable to continue or dedicate themselves to practice. So, we are creating the neural pathways that create a strong practice by getting on that ball and doing the work. This can then be translated to any practice that is attempted.

So, get on the ball and see where it leads you.

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