It Has Been Beaten Out of You

It has been beaten out of you innumerable times.  So that you might not know that you have the ability to reach God within yourself and each other.  So that the ones that claimed to speak for God could keep you in bondage and fear.

But, you have the ability to heal yourself and to heal each other.  It is done together by reaching ecstatic experience.  It is created through the physical body system which radiates to every other system.

This is a truth that once you have come in contact with you know deeply and with no doubt.

All of your pain, illness and dis-ease can be shifted and healed through the practice of cultivating ecstatic bliss through your body and combining that with the forces of other humans at the same time.  This creates the energy needed to radically shift consciousness and bring a vibrational boost to your energy field.  You have the opportunity to release the negative patternings and energies that are creating despair in your life.  You have the opportunity to fully support others in their healing and higher energy cultivation by showing up with your fullest energetic system engaged.  The power of the masses in union with the divine is the spark which will shift human evolutionary consciousness.

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