Are You Getting What You Want? Ask Your Shadow.

The power of our will to manifest what we most want blows me away.

When we use the energetic power that we cultivate through practice, right living and intentional focus we are capable of receiving exactly what we desire.

I see this in my life, as the things I have most put my energy toward are in process of unraveling with such grace and ease.

So, why are we creating things that we do not want?

Why is life so hard?

Because we are allowing our will to be controlled by the beliefs that are ingrained into our psyche and our souls.

Sometimes we are proving horrible things about ourselves that we have been traveling with for many lifetimes.

And, our subconscious will work very hard to prove these beliefs right, to keep the story going.

If you find the same situation happening over and over again, this is a major clue as to where to look deeper into your being.  If you find yourself blaming others or circumstances often, this is a clue.  If you feel like, ‘This Always happens to me.’  Get ready to dig deep.

We have beliefs about ourselves that we don’t even recognize.  We can’t see ourselves fully.  This is why coaches, gurus, meditation, psychedelics and our relationships hold so many keys to our personal development.

This is the work of this life.

It is to unravel and look at the shadow.  Accept that this is what your soul believes and how you are creating everything around it.  And then clear it.  Change it.  Make new decisions.  Change everything if you have to.

And guess what?  You are never done.  Under this is that  and under that is this.  Sometimes it really sucks.  It’s painful.  It’s embarrassing.  Sometimes it just blows your mind and makes you laugh at the reality of the baggage that’s been carted around for so long.

And in that there is freedom.  Sweet Freedom!  And forgiveness and grace.  And finally getting what you REALLY want.

We are shadow and we are light.  But by not looking into the shadow we will never fully be the light.

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