Alchemized Empath Series

This series is a discussion about what it means to be an empath, stages of development and awareness, the healing journey and how to live as an empowered empath. A lot of that requires an awareness of the energy behind our experiences and how to work with it in an intelligent way. When we Alchemize our powerful feelings, we gain the ability to be present and aware of the world as powerful beings and incredibly intuitive and nurturing healers and guides.

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Empath Pain to Empowerment: The 4 Phases of The Empath Journey


Empath 'Tools' are Harming your Spiritual, Personal Development & Healing

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Video 1:
Empath Pain to Empowerment:
The 4 Phases of The Empath Journey

VIDEO #1:: Empath Pain to Empowerment: The 4 Phases of The Empath

Do you sometimes wonder about your relationship to your sensitivities?

Do you see your clients struggling and wonder how best to help them have the context that they need?

Do you see yourself on this path of service yet still feel derailed from time to time… or just know that there are more tools out there that you need?

In this video, I am going to break down 4 Phases of the Empath and drop in about where we get stuck and how to move forward. 

(1:20): Empathy vs Being an Empath           

(4:08): Phase 1   

(5:50): How this relates to our Mission/ Purpose   

(6:30): Phase 2 

(9:05): Phase 3                   

(10:12): How we heal

(12:12): What you need MORE of           

(14:00): Phase 4

(15:30): What happens when you try to do healing work when you haven’t gotten to Phase 4


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Video 2: Empath 'Tools' are Harming Your Spiritual, Personal Development & Healing

VIDEO #2:: Empath ‘Tools’ are Harming Your Spiritual, Personal Development& Healing

When I tune into FB groups for healers, empaths and sensitives I see a lot of bad advice!

Some of it is simply useless, spiritual gymnastics, some of it encourages victim mentality and false beliefs, some of it is actually harmful. 

I’ve learned some important lessons over the years: navigating my own intense spiritual, energetic awakening, studying with my teachers, supporting a lot of people….

And, like they say, I wish I had known before what I know now. 

In today’s video I am going to share how some of the common tools we have been taught are actually harming our spiritual, personal development and healing and what fundamental mindset shifts we need to have about being sensitive in order to change our entire relationship to this part of us and step into higher consciousness!

(1:49): Shielding and Protection, Coping Mechanisms

(3:30): Consciousness, Awareness and Staying Open   

(4:18) Building Radiance

(5:30): Clearing and Removing Blockages   

(8:30): How the Toxic World is Mirroring FOR You

(11:00) Path of Expansion of Consciousness when Overly Sensitive

(14:20): Rejecting Your Purpose


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