2014: A Year of Commitment, Vulnerability and Risk Taking

Overall I would call this The Year of Coming Out.  I saw so many people bite the bullet and actually let the world in on the secret facts of who they really are.  This has been inspiring.  I have seen people come out as psychic seers, mystics, sexual liberators, conscious BDSM advocates, ecstatic embodiment experts, channels and healers and so much more.  I am so proud of all of you that have let yourself be seen and for those of you still in the closet…why not come on out?  It’s a lot brighter out here!

I am called to mention a few people that I think have really allowed themselves to be super vulnerable this year and to offer themselves in new, exciting ways.  I can’t wait to see where the next level of authentic work will be coming from Lisa Fabrega, Megwyn White, Anita Theresa, Liz Dialto, Michael Ellsberg, Charmaine Haworth, Flow Magica, Michelle Levesque….. And, I see SO MANY that are right on the verge.  I am holding space for your transformation loves!

This past year has been a massive coming out process for me as well.  I have been called to be in a constant place of expanding my work and choosing to get out of the way and allow the work that I do to flow through me.  This has held so many layers of surrender and allowing myself to be as vulnerable as possible.  The more that I follow these inspirations and messages the clearer my path becomes and the more solid in my essence I feel.  No longer hiding and hinting I have made a commitment to fully emerge.  My cocooning was long and arduous and now I can help all of those still struggling within its walls or journeying back to it’s depths to shed another layer and expose the truth, beauty and healing.

There are many new developments on the horizon which include a series of teachings on the awakening practices that I have been using to assist me during my time of transitioning and growth.  As I see so many people awaking anew at this time, I am called deeper into support of all of you by bringing these practices to an in person group setting.  So, if you need grounding, cleansing and releasing, activating or healing these classes will inspire you to go deeper and give you the tools to navigate your own personal transformation.

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