You need support.

There are times in your life when you know that you need support to get to the next level.  You can feel an urgency to shift your life and be the person that you were brought to this planet to be.  Underneath the old pain and patterns waits your fullest expression.  You are here to do big things.  Stop holding yourself back.

I know the challenges, pitfalls and process of awakening to the truth.  I know what it is like to build a practice devoted to service that also serves my evolution and supports a life I love.  I know what it is like to offer services that at first seem indescribable or to have a mission that feels too big.  

I am ready to hold space for you to blossom.  Are you ready?

Why Work With Me?

  • Find the messages of the Universe and your own soul.
  • Heal wounds that are very old and have had a hard time getting better so that you can be your biggest and brightest and have better relationships with yourself and others.
  • Find your authentic power, voice and truth.
  • Reconnect with your intrinsic magic, feel your primal nature and listen to the calling of your soul.
  • Welcome big changes and transformation with ease.
  • Become the guide for all of the above and more.
  • Learn the practices that open, realign, connect and activate.
  • Activate and master your inner guidance.
  • Increase your perception, compassion and authentic power and voice.
  • Create and open expansion of consciousness.
  • Heal yourself and others.
  • Build a more powerful personal practice.
  • Open and regulate your channel.
  • Develop energetic mastery.
  • Step into a new level of leadership.
Work With Me
Work With Me
Work With Me
Work With Me
Work With Me
Work With Me
My Process

I have worked with people across a wide spectrum. From those very new to a spiritual path but noticing their sensitivity and empathy is troubling them to those that have been on this path for many years but still aren’t fully expressing themselves in the world. I have worked with top coaches and healers who are very successful so that they could manage their energy and the demand of their client loads.  I have helped those new to bringing their work to the world begin to offer services that support them, and I have helped established healers and coaches get off of the hamster wheel so that their practice is in full alignment with their vision.

My people are the magic people.  Some don’t know they are magic, some are embracing it fully  and some have a deep fear of what that means.

Every session is unique.  But, I have a massive tool box o supportive practices and modalities to meet you exactly where you are now to guide you to where you are going.


Assess your Energy and Physical Body

I go through your entire system with you.  We discover where and how you are storing trauma and pain, as well as, the areas that need to be cleared or activated.  We discover your personal map and use it as a guide to develop your journey.

If you are a healer or coach I look at how you are processing energy for other people.  Tweaking this can be a major game changer for many healers allowing them to do deeper work.

Are you storing other’s energy in your body and field?

Where are the energy leaks and attachments that aren’t serving you?

We also look at all aspects of your life.  What is working and what is not, where do you need to up-level, where do you need stronger boundaries, where do you need support creating programs or talking about your work.  

Work With Me

About Katherine

I am here to help guide you toward your own healing and awakening.

Meet Your Destiny
"Katherine is an amazing teacher. She has tons of helpful insights, wisdom and practices that were tremendously beneficial. The daily practice on the videos, which I intend to keep going back to regularly was really next level. Kat is so self-expressed in all her unique gifts, transmissions and medicine and that was deeply nourishing to the Soul. I am much more confident and established in tools and practices that really help me thrive and keep my vibration high on a daily basis."
Prema Gaia
Visionary Women's Leadership & Business Coach and Founder / SwanSisterhood.Love
“Through working with Katherine Bird I have moved through the last pieces that were holding me back from fully being able to navigate those Shamanic realms and that work. Now that I am more fully grounded in my power and confidence, it's like my giant OPEN sign has been lit! No longer are my Reiki sessions just Reiki. I am being called to do deep Shamanic work, entity clearings, past life and childhood trauma work, and empower the clients that come to me with tools and practices that I have learned and mastered over the years to cleanse and fortify their systems. It is finally time for me to stop hiding behind other titles, and come out fully to be seen. I am a Shaman. I am a Priestess. And now, it is becoming evident that I am also a Coach. I resisted this title for a long time. But, as I dive deeper into my true and authentic work, I see that yes, part of my purpose and calling is to Empower Others in their own Facilitator and Healing gifts and businesses.”
Flow Shakti
Founder of the Embodied Evolution Institute, Creator of the Embodied Leader Path, Shamanic Healer, Empowerment Coach and Group Facilitator.
“I want to publicly thank you Katherine for facilitating the opening of my channel to my galactic counterpart today. This is so huge for me and I could hardly be more excited for what's next. It was amazing to drop into a trance and have such precise and powerful guidance come through when I was struggling to know whether I was even making a good connection before. Your work is magical and deep and I look forward to what more we can all create together for humanity!”
Andrew Garret
What Kat creates is sacred space to move into the heart and earth of the matters that are most important to us. After the event I felt a huge shift in my connection to the world around me and within me. I felt lighter, more landed, and powerfully inspired to connect to my own embodied spirit.
Megwyn White
Kat Bird's work is unparalleled and like nothing you will ever do with anyone else. Her work is amazing.
Lisa Fabrega
Kat's healing circle was so much more beautiful, body, heart, and soul-opening than anything I could have imagined. I feel like any hesitation I previously had to tap into my sacred sexual feminine energy has faded away and I am now able to connect and create powerfully from this place.
Elizabeth DiAlto

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