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My clients are High-Performing Coaches & Healers.  They are the empaths, light workers, mediums and channels who are ready to utilize the full range of their gifts to become powerful leaders and change makers.

I help them to Manage their Energy, Boundaries and Demands on them Personally and Physically, in order to sustain and scale their impact in the World.

I help people to open their channels and bring a sense of precision to their work.

Navigating the deeper levels of awakening can be challenging.  New gifts emerging, old traumas coming to the surface, being confronted with all of your beliefs and energetic holding patterns around money and success, being called to do deeper and deeper work while maintaining a balanced life and practice can feel overwhelming.  I help bring you into alignment with your highest, most mystical version of yourself while supporting you to step into radical leadership and prosperity.

Deepen your connection, follow your soul’s calling and live this healer’s journey with ease! 

Support more clients

Create clean boundaries

Stop taking on others energy

Maintain a clear field

Feel vital and powerful on a daily basis

Open and trust your channel

Feel safe to do powerful healing and spiritual work

Scale your work to the next level

Develop energetic mastery

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Katherine Bird Home
Katherine Bird Home
Katherine Bird Home
Katherine Bird Home
Katherine Bird Home

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My work is different

When we are working in session I know where the trauma, the stuck-ness, the lack of vitality are residing in you. You will be given simple tools and techniques to keep the work going, to offer you continued support and to keep you intimately involved in your healing and awakening process.

I analyze how you are taking on other’s energy, ways that you can connect more deeply with your intuition, guides and higher self and support you with solid business strategies to support your practice.

  • Awaken Your Potential
  • Heal Yourself
  • Evolve Past Your Expectations
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Check out my latest interview on The Ecstatic Existence podcast. We are talking about the awakening process, the stages, where you are and what you need to do and what the risks are at each stage.
Katherine Bird Home
I joined John Biethan on The Alternative Health Tools Podcast to share about how we awaken our own inner healer to change ourselves and the world.
My Spiritual Awakening. From anxiety, depression and lack of purpose, through getting off of anti-depressants and onto the path of energy healer, spiritual guide, Shaman and coach for those awakening and finding their gifts of leader and healer.I teaching spiritual exercises, practices and help people heal themselves from traumas, shame and past life issues.
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 Shaman Sister Sessions

Live Panel Podcast

with Katherine Bird and Michelle Hawk

Tuesdays at 12pm PST


Katherine Bird Home
Katherine Bird Home

Work With Me

Our work together evolves and integrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your life.  It brings the core essence of who you are to the world without fear or doubt.  We are here to make a huge impact on this planet.  Are you ready?

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Light Warrior Mentorship

6 Month Group Mentorship Journey.  Group and Private Sessions Plus Retreat.
Expand Your Toolbox, Master Your Energy, Build Your Business

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Warrior Healer Lover Activation Training

6 Months. One on One. Up to 18 Sessions. Lots of Bonuses.
Full Support and Mentorship.

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Healing Events and Workshops

As a collective, we combine our power for the greatest radical shift.

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Men’s Work

I collaborate with Charmaine Haworth in a new approach to men’s work. We change the world by making good men powerful.

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I’m afraid of what might come up in this kind of work.  What if I can’t handle it?  Is it safe?

This work is designed to bring you into contact with your most authentic self.  I create a safe container in which you can go through transformation and I teach you the tools that keep you advancing in a way you can handle while providing safety and protection.
I’m with you and I got you.

What if this won’t work for me? Maybe I’m not spiritual enough?

Often we are unsure of the reasons that we are seeking help.  You might not even know why you are reaching out.  But, if there is something in your soul that is saying yes, there is a reason that you need to do this work. Reconnecting to your deeper spiritual self and releasing the fear, shame, trauma and pain from your system will allow you to blossom into the person you are meant to be.

It sounds like a big commitment, investment and process.  Am I ready?  Or should I just focus on these other things, taking some classes or workshops?

You’ve been to classes, workshops, healers and learned practices.  You aren’t utilizing all of your skills or exploring anything deeply.  There is something that is blocking you.  You want to make a difference in the world and experience joy and freedom. Now is the time.  There is no point in holding back.

More Questions?

Send them over. I’m happy to help. I’ll let you know if I don’t feel this would be the right thing for you now. I don’t want to waste your time or money.


I found a lion's roar that night, a piece of my power that I felt in my abdomen. A place of power and self-hood sourced from just below my belly button that was awoken after you helped facilitate my "pop"
Lori Katzin
Kat Bird's work is unparalleled and like nothing you will ever do with anyone else. Her work is amazing.
Lisa Fabrega
What Kat creates is sacred space to move into the heart and earth of the matters that are most important to us. After the event I felt a huge shift in my connection to the world around me and within me. I felt lighter, more landed, and powerfully inspired to connect to my own embodied spirit.
Megwyn White
Kat works on a different level than any other therapy I've ever experienced. Two individual sessions uncovered and healed things two years of psychotherapy couldn't touch. Worth every precious moment and any amount of money to heal lifetimes of pain.
George Winborn
Writer, designer and facilitator
Kat is magic. Not magic like the way people throw the term around to describe a night out or a really good meal, but legitimate what-the-actual-fuck-just-happened magic. Magic that will live in my body for the rest of my life.
Michael Hrostoski
Kat's healing circle was so much more beautiful, body, heart, and soul-opening than anything I could have imagined. I feel like any hesitation I previously had to tap into my sacred sexual feminine energy has faded away and I am now able to connect and create powerfully from this place.
Elizabeth DiAlto
Katherine Bird Home

How To Get Started

We start with a free consultation.  When you book, I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get you started.  From there, I will get to know you and be able to suggest some options of working with me.  Depending on your needs, time and budget we can find the right experience for you.


Katherine Bird Home

Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve never had anyone use it so it’s easy to offer.  Really, if after the first session you don’t feel this work is valuable, I’m happy to refund your money.


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